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I love you daddy I love you I loovvveee you

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Everything h owns he had prior to meeting me has written ," I love you daddy, from ------." I won't say her name due to more bs starting. I'm just venting this out. I swear, they have moved into my home and tore every damn thing up, racked my credit cards up. Yes I know I should have put my foot down along time ago but today put the icing on the cake. My h has been trying to sale his home with shop and all the broke lawn mowers and tractors forever . H decided to come home and finish cutting the grass at this place and broke my 600.00 self propelled lawn mower I paid for little at a time every month. It was so hard as a single mother but all my stuff was organized, clean, and got paid for. H told me to quit my job to give me a break. That was nice for a short while because my credit cards have been catching the slack . Today he threw up in my face who has been paying my car note for the last year. As I sit there in his shop over at the other place I look at all his shit that says , " I love you daddy" it looks tacky as hell on newer equipment that could be sold to help pay off credit cards. Some them cards has paid for school clothes, shoes, trips for the girl and her half sister. When I said to him why does everything got to have markings on it he says why don't I ask her. It was because I asked him. Tomorrow I'm going to look for a job and I told him this. He said no your not and we are fine. It's so frustrating !