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I hate Christmas functions. Long Rant!

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went with DH to his single moms that still has photo books of her wedding to his dad ( a man that’s been remarried for 25 years now.) I thought it was gonna be just us and his sister family. It was all about his sister with her parents included. His mom puts him down every year so this year I wasn’t surprised when she called him a back woods red neck when he opens his mouth. His sister telling him she gonna throw something at him or slap him every time he spoke. What really got me is when we were all gathered in living room as I sat in back corner observing their laughter and giggles of the past and his mom called him by his baby nick name “sissie.” When she did that I pictured him walking down the hallway as a little boy pulling a blanket or teddy bear calling for his older sister that’s my age, yes I’m three years older. All that made me sick to stumach because I’m with a grown man that looks and feels a little older, his equal. Also, this is what got me; This year she told him no gifts because they were all broke,  she got a new car she doubling on notes, a new washing machine and his sister son is now in college she is paying that bill. Was only suppose to be a Christmas dinner!  His mom gives us a card with 25.00 in it and that’s fine but at the same time she just bought her $168.00 kitchen aid she tells everyone a gift for herself.  And as we were leaving she gave him two cards to give to his daughter that wasnt with us because she went to a school event and his ex step daughter. Said “tell them girls I love them” I haven’t seen his ex step daughter in 4 years. I been with him for 7 years of marriage. The girl is 18 now and hates him and I. All of that is another story. I can’t stand the girl after she said it was a good thing I had lost our pregnancy. I feel like a outsider his family and hate Christmas functions. Maybe it’s because my mother don’t celebrate Christmas because her husband died and she is living in a tight fixed income. Another story, the 20 dogs, my brother and nephew has made that house a living hell and all the furniture and carpets they ripped out is very un welcoming. They refuse to travel to my place so Christmas is just another day to me. I did go ahead and have our little Christmas opening here last week with My son, his daughter, dh, and self.. it was joyful because sd15 many aunts, grandparents, and bM functions didn’t collide. I’m guessing all this bothers me because at first I was celebrated finally in my life when we married the first year or two but then the birthday gifts and Christmas gifts slowly went away with $50.00 slowly to $10.00 and now no birthday gifts and Christmas they spent a lot of money on our home addressed to me with new towels, sheets, kitchen stuff to gift cards I took and bought myself a nice outfit lol . Maybe that money was suppose to be spent on her son and not self. Anyway, I hate Christmas gatherings and also I’m about 100lbs heavier so maybe weight has something to do with the way they hate him..not sure. 

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I would cut anyone out of my life that doesn’t have your back or your husband’s back. Bunch of backstabbing narcissists.

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You and he both should have bared the toxic asses of his mother and sister rather than tolerate their verbal abuse.

Enjoy your Christmas together.  They can f##k off.

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Why do you put up with this? Does your DH get some sort of masochistic kick out of it? I'm guessing he doesn't and that he goes out of a misguided sense of filial duty. Welk, he shouldn't.  Cut this sick bunch of toxic bullies out of your lives once and for all and learn to enjoy Xmas and make your own traditions. It's supposed to be a joyful, happy time of the year, so don't let ignorant yokels like his family spoil it for you.