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Mini wife becomes adult

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My husbands Miniwife was 8 when I come into the photo haha 

she is 17 fixing to be 18, thank GOD! Child support not a problem but it gets paid for another year since she still in school and just stops at 19 on its own. She has grown to conieve, even her BM. At BM house, the BM receives child support but also milks the daughter for her little fast food restaurant monies. Yeah the kid works like a mule since she can just log into online pretending to be there present and hold a job. Again she told us this. Hell I am not sure if she is paying all the other utilities that wipes her pay out. Maybe so, Maybe not. What I am concerned about is she makes her own decisions and wants to ruin my family, including my son by manipulating my husband. I am a little jealous of her. Hell I am a bit jealous of the mother.  I grew up very poor myself, put off things for myself. And helping raise her I have learned not every kid are equal. Several Christmas's, lots of gifts, gets to go to extravagant places, expensive jewelry, new vehicle. The dark side I see too. They have to constantly move. The BM and herself are not good with money. So I through the years have taken my extra spend money and buy her school clothing, pay braces, pay a nice jewelry note, car note now. It makes husband happy but I am slowly getting more and more bitter. And when she alters my plans like how I save for a vacation for 3 years while watching her mother get new hair cuts, color changes once a month, nice beach, constantly burning gas going to places. I saved money to pay for us a trip that now her and her mother trying to alter. I am so frustrated. I am not canceling the trip. She can just not go! Hubby is disappointed but deep down I am smiling like the grinch even though it's costing a airline ticket. They knew better to fk with me. Also, and I save this for last. My husbands mother got cancer. She was suppose to have passed within 6 months but lived a extra year. Last month she passed. BM asked to come to the funeral while I wasn't present. I said to my husband why! The mother n law didn't even like the B. Well the sd17 got mad and a lot going on in her life. Her Bf broke up with her on same day, she got de ranked in her rotc. She cussed me out and I told her to shut the f up then my husband choked me in front of her and my son. He had never laid his hands on me in his life. He later said he was under a lot of stress he was upset he watched his mother take her last breath. So I forgave him and her. Now it's eating at me about the choking and him saying to me" don't talk to my daughter like that!" 

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Um - he choked you?!  In front of your kid?! That's pretty serious (and CPS reportable).  If he can't deal with his stress without being abusive, then you have a much bigger problem than SD.  Though like for many on this board, your DH is the real problem. He's allowed SD to behave this way. 

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Your abuser is just expanding on the limits of the abuse you will allow. Since it doesn't appear you are going to leave this abusive relationship, could you at least allow your child to go live with another family member or their other parent? That way at least they don't have to grow up in that abusive cycle.