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Full blown Psychopath in the making???

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Just in time for Halloween can anyone say Michael Myers???

So SS14 has been refusing to do his HW and failing  classes. The teachers have set up times after school to help him but he refuses to stay which has resulted in getting detention. I told SS14 he's now going to have to stay after school for detention and his response is no he's not. SS14 then went on to tell me he has so much "rage" and it's been building up since 7th grade. He's a freshman now. He then went on to say he's been waiting to release this rage and he does not care who he does it to. 

Trying to not act freaked out I asked him why he has so much rage. He responded parents and school. I then asked him if he had any rage about me and he said yes but would not tell me what. When pushed he said I would not like it and it would kill DH if SS14 told DH. SS14 was not at all upset or angry when talking about this but Freakishly calm and happy and spoke Matter-of-factly. 

Yes I will be locking my Fing bedroom door. Now honestly I could careless what the little bastard thought of me BUT more concerned he's a Psychopath in the making. Honestly what do you guys think about what SS14 said? 

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Did you tell your DH what SS said? It seems to me the kid is asking for help. Is he in therapy?

In the meantime - do what you need to do in order to feel safe.

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Time for web cams throughout the house, with audio as well.  Eventually this kid will go too far and having all of it recorded will help put him somewhere where he can get some help and where he can't hurt anyone.

I would not tolerate this crap and I would come down on him like a tone of crap in a one Lb bag.  Hopefully this kid will run into a peer who will have zero tolerance for his crap and teach him that rage can result in extreme pain.

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what did your husband say? I would be doing three things: 1. cameras in your home. 2. child can no longer reside there or even visit unless Dad is by his side. 3. child must be taken to the appropriate doctor/counselor/psychiatrist.


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Same kid

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I wouldn't personally go so far as to call him a psychopath unless he's already shown traits (harming animals, etc).  But it does sound like he could use therapy, for sure. 

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Has he ever acted violently before? 

My other suggestion would be to call the school and let them know. If you feel like you can't report, let them do it. They are mandatory reporters. Ask to speak to his school counselor. 

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In general, CPS won't take reports unless the reporter has first hand information - ie, the kid has told them directly.  Plus, he's not really doing anything CPS-worthy here. 


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Isn't this the teen who cries when his dad goes on vacation with you and laughs inappropriately to the point of rolling on the floor and crying when his dad makes a mildly funny joke? And isn't his (same age?) sister the one who threatens violence or suicide to get her way?

I can't tell if these are just horribly parented kids with over-the-top attention seeking behaviors and no boundaries, or if they both truly need serious mental help. What do their parents do about their behaviors? Are the parents busy trying to outdo each other and win the kids' affection? They both sound extremely dysfunctional. Both sound like they should be in therapy. But i wonder - how bad are their parents? None of what you've described is even remotely normal or ok. 

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My opinion is SS14 is a result of being coddled and spoiled rotten by BOTH parents. It's not so much the parents want to be the favorite. BM is over the top "live for my Precious child" BS and ANYTIME SS14 does anything bad BM Blames some mental illness and says it's not SS14 fault. Again BS. DH tired to Discipline SS14 and it ended in SS14 flipping out and lying with BM backing SS14 and DH ended up with a Restraining order and a $80k Attorney  bill to get it cleared up. So now DH is afraid to say boo to SS14 in fear because of what happened. 

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That must have been some major accusations! Details? If your comfortable. Im trying to be prepared.

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So when SS14 was in third grade and pushed a kindergartner down at school and the school contacted DH. When SS got home from school DH was outside doing yard work and asked SS what happened. SS refused to talk about it but DH told him he had no choice and got down to eye level with SS. BIG MISTAKE. SS Immediately slapped DH across the face and DH in turn smacked SS on the butt. SS having never so much as even yelled at flipped out and threw himself on the ground. Well when SS threw himself on the ground he scratched his knees. I saw the whole thing. Well SS told BM DH picked him up and threw him across the yard! Total lie but BM ran with it. So after months of CPS and court investigations it was proved unfounded..of course BUT BM did not stop there. She dragged DH to court for full custody which DH fought for 3 long ass years! I was hoping DH would just say screw it and let BM have the little lying bastard but nope. 

So of course SS comes back with even a bigger Attitude since he knew all the trouble he cause and DH was walking on eggshells.