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Father's Day and the Princess

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Aughghghghgh! So, for those of you who don't know, all of our children were adults when we met. None of them live with us, nor are they welcome to. I firmly believe that they need to be out on their own, supporting themselves.....yadda yadda yadda. I am 100 percent disengaged from Adult SD and about 99 percent disengaged from adult SS.

Yesterday was Father's Day. SS26 took DH out to lunch. (I sent him a text on Friday afternoon to "remind" him that this weekend was Father's Day) My daughter and her husband came over for dinner last night. While we were sitting at the dinner table, DH's cell phone rings. I know it is SD25 because she has that "special" ring tone that alerts him to her highness requesting an audience. DH actually says, "Finally! I've been waiting for SD to call!" and he literally gets up from the table and runs, yes, RUNS out to the front porch so they can have their top secret conference. Whatever..... After we cleaned up from dinner, we sat outside with the neighbors for awhile. When we were here alone, DH says, "I'm so proud of SD for calling". WTF????????!!!!!! I looked at him and said, you need to be proud of the other two kids, also. There was stunned silence. After about 10 minutes, he says, very quietly, "I'm proud of SS also, and your daughter". Too little, too late. I swear, the rest of us could treat him like a king and shower him with gifts, but it means NOTHING unless somehow, SD rears her ugly little head. I know she's at Walmart every day, but do you THINK she can get him a card (for any occasion at all?)? All she has to do is manage to hit the right sequence of numbers on her cell phone and he praises her like she's won the Nobel Prize.

I swear, if he could legally have sex with her, he'd be married to her.

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Neither my SD16 nor SD14 even sent my DH a text or Facebook message to wish him a happy fathers day yesterday. I was not going to remind them, because why the hell should I? Perhaps he should know what self centred, selfish little madams they are. I can't imagine my own daughters ignoring fathers day and I'm sure they would have sent my ex something.
Oops! I forgot - my SDs only contact DH when THEY need something, not when HE might!

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OMG, I can relate to this! I really hate the praise for that stuff. My SD15 called DH at 1 AM, on father's day, we were sleeping. The next day, he says "SD called at 1 am to tell me happy father's day, that was really nice of her" I wanted to scream. I didnt say anything though for fear of biting his head off.