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Difference between parental alienation and negative gatekeeping?

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What's the difference? Are they interchangeable? Everything I've read online sounds the exact same so I am not sure how they are distinguished.

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Negative gatekeeping is the action. Like scheduling 'more important' activities during DHs time so the kid doesn't want to go to DHs or DHs time is cut short and there's no make up period for him.

This results in PAS or that the kid thinks DHs isn't the fun place and/or is missing out by going to DHs so kid stops visiting DH. Because DH isn't as important. 

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Do not dive into the details of PAS vs any other behavioral bullshit from the blended family opposition parent.  PAS is PAS and includes whatever components are in play.

PAS and any of its elements have to be met with a zero tolerance total confrontation campaign IMHO. Anything less is tolerating or even facilitating it.


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Our lawyer said it was negative gatekeeping. I asked about parental alienation syndrome and he said yes it's almost the same but negative gatekeeping is easier prove?