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Cheers to a drama free graduation

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My twins’ school just emailed the families to say how they will be dealing with graduation this year. They are having a virtual screening. DH and I were talking about it and he said it is such a shame because he was looking forward to having a drama free graduation for once. 


For SS’s graduation they were not on speaking terms and it was awkward and terrible. We have zero pictures of the graduation. For SD’s graduation, she was the valedictorian of her class. Her school had special seating for the valedictorian family. Guess who was not seated in the special seating? Her father. We had to sit in the back, because we knew the school policy for seating and assumed we were going to be accommodated we decided to be on time rather than super early. On top of that the school threw a ‘banquet’ as they called it after the graduation. It was extremely awkward being around SS who was not speaking to DH and DH XIL’s who enjoyed how uncomfortable the entire thing was and added to that.


Neither of my twins are valedictorians nor runner ups, but we are so proud because they both got into college and have done very well thus far!! It’s not about the achievement but rather the way that it can be shared. My son is also choosing an affordable school option that is within range of what we can give him for college. 

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Congratulations!!!! Everyone in our family is a successful college educated professional and none were valedictorians. Who cares. We had a life. There is more to life than getting all As. Hug your kids. Good job!!!! 

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Are people really of the mind that performance doesn't matter?

Of course it matters. In fact, it really is the only thing that does matter as long as it is accomlished without toxicity by the accomplished.