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Pretending to have forgotten . . .

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I am disengaged from SD14. Got really tired of the black cloud that was following her to our house very weekend and the constant all woe is me attitude like I owed her something after I married her father (which BM divorced because she found a better man when SD was 1). You’d swear DH cheated on BM and was a deadbeat father the way this kid acted. I got tired of how she treated my husband and tired of him taking it so I disengaged. Lately, DH has been taking back his balls with a vengeance!

First up was the cell phone debacle. I refused to add her to MY plan (I blogged about this awhile back and got some good advice). Well DH stood by my side this time . Second up was private Christian school tuition. DH was only told how much money he was going to have to pay. He was not included in any of the decision making process. Once he did his own research we were dumbfounded. The 5th grade class (at the time) only had 6 students in it, there were only 3 teachers. BM didn’t like public school because she kept getting called in about SD’s anti-social behavior not to mention her poor attitude in general and they were concerned. BM thinks SD is perfectly fine as long as she’s pulling all A’s. Well in this little school she’s pulling all A’s (nothing less than a 98) and she’s left alone as long as the tuition is paid. She’s now in 9th grade in a class of 10 and there are now 2 high school teachers. Well DH said nope to this too. If BM wanted her private school then BM needs to pay for private school. Every year we are asked and every year DH declines.

Due to the things mentioned above we haven’t heard a peep from SD or BM for about 8 weeks. No visits, no calls, no nothing. I really don’t care what they do, but hey! SD had her 14 birthday 5/16. DH couldn’t reach her; she wouldn’t call him back nothing! Well guess who started calling yesterday? I’m no fool; I know she’s coming to collect. I asked DH a couple of weeks ago what he planned for birthday and he really never responded because he was being shunned. Even though I bought her a small gift I just let it go. Now he keeps reminding that she might come this weekend. I don’t know why because I’m surely not about to reward this kid with a party/cake or whatever he’s hinting at. I’m going about my weekend like I forgot she had a birthday. I actually hid the gift I bought in my closet. He hasn’t even gotten her anything yet! I guess I should also mention that he wants to celebrate her getting the highest overall average (I guess she’s the valedictorian) at her 8th grade graduation. Give me a break . .. there were only 9 other kids she was competing with. She had a 1 in 10 shot . . .LMAO!


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Good for you! Stick to your guns. I find it so humorous that these skids think they can blow of their dad UNTIL they want something...usually money or gifts. I hope your DH does nothing for her birthday - not even a card. She might get the hint then - she's so smart after all...scoring in the top 10% of her class and all...lmao

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Oh she let it slip (or maybe it wasn't a slip) that she and BM were planning a weeklong vacation at some resort in Mexico this summer so she really didn't know what her summer visits were going to look like. . ..

So let me get this straight. Yall want us to pay for private school and cell phone while you spend your money on vacation . .I DON'T THINK SO. Even DH thought that was funny!

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He signed for the passport last year when she and BM jetted off to London for a week (to stay with a friend of BM). Then they came back and BM had to work like a crazy woman to because DH refused to give them any money for the excursion. So yeah she has a passport.

I take that back . .they were in London for about 3weeks and called trying to get him to transfer money about 5 times.