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I don’t know what to make of the gift that Skids gave our twins for graduation

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Skids gave our twins a shared gift for graduation. The each got a copy of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. At first glance I felt that my skids were sending a message to my DH, specifically that they truly see their BM father as the ‘Rich dad’ and not just because he is just economically so but as in to say he was the better dad especially due to the history between DH and BM’s father. 

Then the letter written in the book can perhaps be well intended specifically about having a vision/dream, building discipline, staying focused and goal setting were pretty positive and motivational. But they could have picked another book that was similarly contented but with a less insensitive title.


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That's a weird book selection for graduates. There are so many other books focused on graduates that impart the same lessons. 

It does seem like it's a bit of a passive-aggressive slight. 

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I agree, they could have chosen another book that did not go about comparing two dads throughout its content.

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It is not the book, it more of the context of the history between DH and BM's father and SKids gifting it to them.

ETA: I will let the kids read it but I do feel it was a slight.

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WOW---I would think the same as you OP.

I recall a similar story about a BM buying a book for her teen kids to give a dad on Fathers Day---it was about how men cope who have deep depression and suicidal thoughts.  BM said she had NO idea what was in the book..........But she bought it.

How sick was that?


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That is beyond the pail of rudeness! Who randomly picks up books for people without giving it at least a skim?

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OP the dad I wrote about did not have depression or thoughts of suicide. That is how sick that BM is.

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You have the greatest gift, a set of TWINS - who graduated!!! how wonderful!! 

Rich dad poor dad book changed my life definitely. We have multiple rentals, homes, businesses and properties in Alaska, Washington and Las Vegas. Me and DH read the book together and we built our empire after tons of BM's old credit card debt, and monthly CS payments (4 Skids) for years, while we cared for them and paid for their needs at our house.  BM sat on her butt and contributed nothing.  DH & I learned how to give up the idea of living like everyone else. We live like paupers, and we don't mind. We buy second hand clothes, furniture, vehicles, everything. We buy grocery food on sale and use coupons when we have them.  We buy mass quantities of non perishable sale food when its a good deal so we have a stockpile. we don't eat what we want, we eat what we have. We cut our own hair, we do our own repairs, we refurbish our things instead of buying new. we pay cash for a used vehicle, and its not fancy, its dependible. We are definitely minimalists, and switched from thinking we needed to keep up with the joneses. Now we are the richest poor people. we are generous with helping family, friends and hobos.  

When DH and I read the book, we thought no bad will against our dads for us not coming from a wealthy family, (just a hard working one) we were just excited to find out the secret to break free from living paycheck to paycheck and on to only using our money for income producing assets.  Making your money work for you, not you work for your money. 

The book was a life changer for us. 

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Wow that sounds amazing what you and you DH have accomplished. I have had a skim of the book last night at it does seem insightful. I'll definitely will have an in-depth read of it and have the kids and DH read it too.

Perhaps, skids were trying to be helpful but I am hesitant because of the issues of the past with their grandfather and DH. Barring those past issues it would have been received in a positive light. I don't know with SKids anyway, one day we are all good and happy the next they are distant and exclusive; they are a bunch of mixed signals and messages that I can't decipher anymore.