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Back to minimal to no communication

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So DS part-time job with SS begins on Monday. DH and I wanted to invite SS and his wife over for dinner just to talk and be supportive parents as well as to feel out the situation so we are mindful with our conversations with DS. Well DH has texted and called SS to invite them and have gotten zero replies.

A little snooping on social media shows that SS and his wife are out of state on vacation. DS was completely unaware of this and he too was unable to reach SS directly. DS emails the business itself and gets a reply informing him that everything is still on and they are expecting him. The other employee was unable to comment on the exact whereabouts of SS but expects him back in the office on September 10, apparently SS and SDIL are having a anniversary trip. She was very surprise to know that they were brothers or that SS even had a brother. Of course DS still thinks that this is an amazing idea; it just adds to the awe of how much fun things SS gets to do.

Being the supportive mom I am I bit my tongue. But I am getting more and more upset about this. I mean I know that a boss doesn't really pull out the red carpet for a part-time out of high school type job; but it is his (half) brother. Not that he should pull the red carpet for DS. But he didn't even have the decency to let DS know what was going on with him or where he was or he wasn't going to be there. If not for my snooping DS wouldn't have even known until Monday or maybe he was going to inform him over the weekend I don't know. And he is supposed to be 'mentoring' DS. I asked DS how often he thinks SS is going to be away, he had no clue but SS apparently said he will take DS on some trip end of fall if covid allows.

So I do wonder if that is what is having DS hold on despite SS ignoring him this week entirely. DS is so exited for this trip and is currently renewing his passport so he will have it just in time. All he sees is the lifestyle but has zero answers to get there that does not include SS. Maybe I am an absolute pessimist but I think SS is taking advantage and stringing DS along, why I have no clue. It just blows my mind how gullible DS is right now.

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DS will be working with SS....oh my goodness.

MAJOR drama coming your way. Isnt there any other jobs for DS?