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BF not loving...ever...

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That's what BM said on the stand.  That BF was "never loving" to her the whole time they were married.  I know that is a lie because he is the most loving man I have ever met.  He either changed big time or she's a big fat liar.


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I don't know why.  His attorney said it is because "no one cares" but she can continue to call me out for sexting her "husband"  She was reminded by attorney that "you do mean ex-husband, right? are you not divorced?" Then she started calling him her "former husband"

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Him not being loving or not loving to her is irrelevant here. Why is it being discussed at all? I was plenty unloving with some men I've met in the past but it's irrelevant to my current marriage 

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She kept bringing up the past on the stand, some stupid vacation they went on for their anniversary before they split up, how he lied to her the whole time they were married and how he "upped" and left her and she was shocked and devastated (Total BS...She left him for a married man)....

She also kept saying "He is not the man I married"   over and over again...HELLO YOU'RE NOT F'ING MARRIED ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was reminded by a freind that she is aggrieved because her back up plan failed. 

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So her running off with a married man was a pre-emptive strike to stick it to your bf before he actually left? 

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Forgets that part, doesn't mention the married man at all, talks incessantly about how I am ruining SS....when married man dumped her she was crying and told BF she never cheated on him such BS!!!! Now she's a big victim and I'm oh so scary 

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I really dont understand why she is allowed to waste court's time. When DH and BM were going through court proceedings judge shut her up when she tried to discuss irrelevant or very outdated info. Why is she given time in court to discuss her former marriage. Makes no sense 

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understand either....I'm so tired of no one putting her in her place.  I cannot wait for this custody trial to be over....

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It's never going to be over. If she's like this now she will be like this always, this is her personality. There maybe quiet periods here and there but when she gets her underwear in a wad she'll be filing emergency custody orders or protective orders over some imaginary offense.

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I think a little bit of was comical to the attorney when she brought the screenshots of our texting (When he told me he was the happiest with me or something like that)...Although she claims she would never "sext" someone as SHE HAS CLASS....if you remember she stood up in court months ago and stated,  “I would like to state for the record that Cookieboom is a nurse and she is held to a higher standard than anyone else.”

We were looking back at our notes and found how she said in 2020 she is "afraid" to get medical care because I work at a large hospital in the city, but now she’s taking F’ing yoga there??????????????????

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High class is far from it. When hubbys exwife called my sil ranting on how she was trying to protect her daughters whom she kidnapped and forced to end contact with their dad when he had weekend custody, she was trying to paint this great mum of the year image. Nobody in hubbys family bought it!!

they all know she is a classless peasant uneducated cheating whore who spent aftermath of divorce trashtalking hubby only for it to backfire when hubby met a hot younger foreign exotic woman and got her pregnant twice within 2.5 yrs of marriage, something he never managed with exwife since she sabotaged every pregnancy.

even hubbys brothers thought he had fertility issues as couldn't get exwife pregnant. They realized he has no fertility issues when he married me.

bahaha, "class my ass"!!

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You made my day!