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how can we use BM lies against her?

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I've posted before about BM sending messages to me through kids and this is related to that.

In the latest incident, the Case Worker appointed by the court told DH to speak with BM about it.

The issue comes when she's questioned and her response is to make everyone around her into a liar. The kids, DH, myself. Last night, she even tried to suggest that she'd "never say anything negative because she knows the court papers say that she is not allowed to do that" (yea right, the papers also say BM is supposed to pay child support which she seems to have overlooked... But that's another story). BM went on to say "maybe the kids have overheard [maternal grandmother] saying things and are repeating them.

There are 2 things, first, the kids always say "mommy said" so basically she's called them liars. Second, the court documents prohibit disparaging remarks by anyone involved, isn't she responsible for making sure it doesn't happen period..

Anyway, I imagine its a long shot, but can the fact that she throws the kids under the bus to benefit her be used against her? And how strict is the court on disparaging remarks? Is it considered serious if it constantly takes place?

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Proving it is the problem but its been done. It's a violation of the court order and criminal sections can be brought to apply. Every judge is different so the penalty could be a slap to jail.

Impartial witnesses or video taping what the kids are saying would help a lot.