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Back again

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Sorry haven't been around to post.  After SO won 50/50 custody, BM went to court today for restraining order (which got denied) showed once again showed our sexting again said she’s holding on to them in she needs them for future? Had them 5 years so far?

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 once again showed pics of me judge refused to look bailiff made a face when she shoved in his face, his lawyer joked I can’t un see this 

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Serious question - if BM has nude pics of you and is keeping and showing them, why not sue her? I would be tempted to file a civil suit against the court they were shown in, too. 

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Lawyer said she can have on her phone but if she shows it to my job or a potential job (I am thinking of going back to school to be an NP) and I get effected I have better ground to sue her and win, as right now I have no "damages"

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This woman is seriously deranged. I really don't understand how she thinks that sexting makes you a bad person. If anything, it places you well within the norm! A restraining order?! Against YOU? I wa under the impression that she had never even met you. Or was it to keep you away from her precious wittle baby? Is she still taking him to yoga lessons at your place of work?

Oh wait! If she thinks sex is the root of all evil, given that her son is in his teens (he's about 16, isn't he?) perhaps she's afraid that you'll be a Mrs Robinson to him ... 

She gets weirder all the time ...

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I actually looked it up, because this seems like it should be a crime. All but 2 states have revenge porn laws, but OP's state is one of the 2. It's currently in the MA legislature under review per Google. I think OP should get in touch with the legislators sponsoring the bill and tell her story. It may help get the bill passed. What BM is doing should not be allowed to stand. 

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Great idea! 

This woman is going out of her way to try and bring down a totally innocent woman. What she is doing is sickening.

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I'm sorry, but no man is worth what this woman has put you through. I'll agree this BM is entirely deranged, but your SO has not made things easier. You deserve better. 

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Thank you everyone for all of your help and Rumplestiltskin, for all your investigation skills on the MA laws.  I never met this woman.  She complained in custody court that BF “Didn’t have the common decency to introduce us!” I told BF that if the court orders us to meet, I’m outta here.  Judge didn’t care about her rhetoric anyway.   She has been told by THREE judges they don't care about the sexting and photos.  

Yes, she and SS took yoga at the hospital and it ended for the summer, now it is coming up probably in November.  I am sure she will be back.

Did I tell you she joined my gym? She now works out with her “best friend” (SS) what a joke.  I remember hearing that courts don’t like with you say your child is your “best friend”. 

As far as BF, he has stood up to her in regards to me (He didn’t stand up to her with his XGF, and was dumped).  BM told him to dump me or she would never see SS again.  He refused, she kept SS away for like a year.  She went after him at school pickup telling him I am taking drugs from patients at work and I am a bad person, she doesn’t want SS near me, she and SS are afraid of me, SS is in therapy because of me, ect.  He told her to mind her business and keep me out of her mouth and she had him arrested for domestic assault (with no injuries I might add).

Court is still not over, as you remember he won 50/50 custody that SS refuses to follow. There is a custody date for contempt of court on BM. 

On a better note I am looking at schools I want to become a NP!!!!!!

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Yes, better yourself and move on from this toxic BM.

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I think you need to release this guy and move on. His baggage will make the rest of your promising life have a shadow over it , lurking in the background, ready to show those pictures, put you constantly on the defensive.  No guy is worth that.  IMO