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Today we learned that BM is pregnant again but this time with her new boyfriend. This is her fourth pregnancy with four dads for a total of five kids (DH has twins with her). SS/SD9 let it slip in such a way we figured out it was supposed to be secret but she asks them to keep a lot is secret they aren’t good at keeping. (Trust me, we don’t pry, really don’t want to...) Why is this a secret? Twins are getting a new sibling — kinda surprised they weren’t more chatty about it.

In the last two years: She lost custody/relocation for a move 800 miles away. She went there with her second husband, an older teenage son (from daddy 1 who isn’t involved with him much) and younger toddler (with daddy 3/second husband). They’re now getting divorced and she’s moving back to a city about 2 hours away from DH and I. She’s buying a house with new boyfriend (daddy 4), her soon-to-be-ex is supposedly moving to the same street, and she wants to take DH to court again for custody and to eliminate child support. (DH and BM went from 50/50 custody to 75/25 in favor of DH when she moved.)

Thank goodness for my elliptical, cheesy sci-fi shows, and headphones. Also, beer...

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So she’s pregnant by a new guy while she’s still legally married to someone else? She’s going to look stellar in court for the final divorce with that big ole belly. She might as well get a neck tattoo with the new guys name to complete the look. 

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BMs sister has 6 kids with 3 different men.

The first was lucky enough to be raised by her father and SM, who she adores and they have a great relationship. 

The second daughter, with guy #2, stayed with mom because she called CS and said that the father was molesting the daughter. Biodad disappeared and hasn’t been seen in years.

The next 4 are all with the same guy, we think, because he’s stuck around. However, there have been lots of men in between. (Pun intended).

when DH and BM first broke up, this sister hit on DH. She stalked him and said she was going to tell everyone that they’d slept together, so he might as well just do it because everyone would think they had! 

He told her to F off