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SS9 is now threatening to hurt himself

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I posted a few days ago about my poor kitty and SS9...

Today he started threatening to stab himself.

We’ve already contacted local counselors — they’re “checking dates and insurance”

BM is insisting he move 800 miles away to be with her. Now she is talking about relitigating the relocation matter she lost 18 months ago.

Totally out of my element here. DH is understandably beside himself trying to improve this situation. I am not able to help him with this — I have no idea what to do except get professional help as quickly as possible.

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Pack him up in the car and take his little butt to the nearest ER. Tell them he's threatening self harm and you believe he's being serious.

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Do you have a children's hospital anywhere in the area? Most of them have psychiatry units and would be able to do an immediate evaluation. It would be worth it even if you had to drive some distance.

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he's only 9 - they are way to stupid to get that a movie is a movie and a game is a game, yes you can kill and be killed but 5min later the same guy is up and running.... so it's easy for him to think, I will stab myself to get attention but I will be fine after an hour and everything will be normal.

Simply give him a bear hug and say, Oh NO SS, if you stab yourself, you might die and who's going to be my favorite kid then...where will I find another little snot/brat/naughty boy like you again?

He only needs a bit of that... to feel some one cares, either you or DH can do it, his mother moved away, he feels like no one wants him anymore, and yes therapy will help but a bit of TLC would do wonders, he just needs to feel he still belongs....

Have you tried saying to him things like... what stab yourself and die, who's going to help me popping popcorn now / bbq, building this puzzel, anything to take his mind off, I can guarantee you he's going to scream and say... okay then I will do it after wards, but he will forget it...

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This happened to SS at around the same age. He was trying to strangle himself and hurt himself. Finally the principle of the school told us that the only way to get immediate help was to take him to emergency at the hospital. That is your best bet for immediate action. Good luck and hopefully he is just saying this stuff for attention and not serious about it.

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You are doing the right thing to get the kid help and prevent BM from taking the kid on her move.

You and DH keep your heads in game, stay focused on the process, and stand your ground.

Good luck.