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And another rant!!!

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A couple months ago boyfriend took the boys out to eat. they are 7 and 6. The 6 year old threw up on the table, and most of it got on his plate. Boyfriend talked to BM that night for her evening update. He laughed about how he "gave the waitress a good tip for cleaning the mess up."

I was disgusted.

Don't you think HE should have taken it upon himself to take the plate of puke to a garbage can and wipe it off himself. And he should have wiped the puke off the table himself. The waitress shouldn't have had to do any of that!!! what kind of man does that!!! My niece threw up at a family dinner when she was 3. My sister wisked her away to the restroom. While my BIL cleaned up the mess on the chair, table and plate. He only called the waitress over for cleaning spray and more napkins.

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That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard. Was the kids feeling sick before-hand? If so, why even take them out? and to leave that mess for the poor waitress. If I were in her position, I would have quit. :jawdrop:

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Girl, I have nooo idea if he wasn't feeling good beforehand.

On the kids 5th birthday, BD got him ready for bed that evening. When daddy tucked him in, daddy came back into the living room with me and we started making out lightly on the couch. Next thing I know, the boy was in the living room, just standing there. He stood there for a second and just suddenly puked on the floor. The bathroom was right next to him!! I know he was only 5, but come on kid!!!!! I cleaned up that mess because the dogs were wanting to eat it. I was cleaning up the bark while boyfriend put the kid in the shower.

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That is not a waitress' job. If I was her I would have refused. He sounds like a jack ass. Sorry but he does.

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Not cool. That virus that made the kid throw up can be passed on to anyone who comes into contact with the vomit. What an ass.

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Ok, so you are disgusted with you BF, you seem to dislike the kids and the BM..

Why are you in the relationship?