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Online research seems to show that there is a NAME for BM

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....Hostile Aggressive Parenting. I almost feel a sense of relief having an actual checklist of her actions. Not allowing the CO visitation. Monitoring our communications with SS9. Blocking our family photos on SS9's facebook page. Not alerting us to SS9s school events/extracurricular events. Over-scheduling SS9 for activities that interfere with our parenting time. Monopolizing SS9s time at events we do attend, not "allowing" him to sit with us, even if he arrives with us and is with us that night for parenting time. Refusing to answer questions relating to parenting time. Scheduling events for SS9 so far in advance, there is no chance for any changes to parenting time calendar. I could increase the list ad infinitum.

Last week we received a letter from BM's attorney stating that DF (fiance) had at some point relinquished his right to his two weeks summer parenting time. Any changes to the parenting plan must be in writing, so she won't be able to show written proof of this. There are numerous requests for our two weeks time with SS9, and each time she has said "no" because she already has plans. Yes, I know she can't just say "no".....and yet she does.

Tomorrow our attorney will respond to the letter. I wish I had a camera on her face when he makes his presence known. No more bullying, no more hostility that won't go unnoticed. We are documenting everything. DF will no longer communicate with her unless it's in writing.

It's going to be a long hard fight for sole legal custody. But we have the history of including her in SS9s life while she has the history of excluding us. It should be a very stressful, expensive but ultimately rewarding next few months.

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Nuf said.