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BM thinks that if she just says "no" to DFs (fiance) request that that should be the end of it.

Getting ready for ww3 over co visitation and what I'm praying ends up with her and a contempt charge.

We've requested our co summer blocks to send dss9 to camp. We've registered and paid for the camps. Since she basically said no, she's just acting like the request was never made and keeping him 4 of the 5 days next week.

Best part is that all the conversion were via text where she said no because we were asking for too many days in one month. Both BD and BM are allowed to reserve two weeks for summer. She's never made the request, so she hasn't done anything with him and she has denied every request of ours.

Wondering how she's going to defend her actions.

We are going to pour over the texts, print them out, check the date on the email we sent her explaining the camp dates and tell her we will be picking him up first thing Monday morning. If she refuses we already have an appointment with our attorney at 4 that afternoon.

So happy DF is taking action. Poor Dss9 had been so jerked around. What kind of parent acts like this?

Oh yea. The bat-shit crazy kind.

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Take a disinterested third party to witness her refusal. S/he can just walk up with your husband to the door, stand at the foot of the stairs, very meekly, hands in front clasped together, and not say a word. Just observe.

When they return to the car empty handed all three of you don't say a word, just pick up notebooks and write down what you saw and/or heard. Not notes but a full description. THEN and not until then you talk and compare notes to make sure you all agree on what happened. All of this is perfectly legal. It's even legal to pay the witness for their time (expert witnesses get paid all the time). The witness can accompany you to the attorney.

An ideal witness would be a non-friend/relative. Of course they can't be a total stranger but maybe a co-worker from another department you two barely know, a neighbor, but anyone is better than no one. Even a sibling if it gets down to it. I paid a teenager worker in my brothers business.

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That would be easy to arrange. Would our employee work? He'll be with Df anyway Monday morning. Or would that be too easy to day we paid him to make stuff up?