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Anyone else ever suffer health issues due to stress?

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First off this is hard for me to share. 2nd, I am going to shorten it because 4 years of hell is way too much to post. I have a toxic SD19 that DH and I have no contact with. Here is the story but mind you, very short version even though this post will be long.

SD19 was very close to DH and I since she was 7 until she turned 15. She got into drugs with her boyfriend that we did not approve of. She ran away a lot, got in trouble with the law, almost didn't graduate, bounced from school to school because she couldn't handle people at her school picking on her due to her own life choices (basically her friends didn't approve of what she was doing either). I was the main parent during this, DH worked all the time, I was going to school full time and taking care of house and kids and BM never really helped ever during the kids up brings so it was me. It was me who sat and watched her attack a police officer while she was high on something and this police officer was a friend of mine because I used to be in Law Enforcement. It was hard to be that parent sitting on the sidewalk crying, barefoot, and smoking a cigarette to calm my nerves (had quit for 6 years and I no longer smoke but sure did that summer lol). Anyways she stole our car 7 different times while on a permit, skipped school, trashed her car..ect. Ok now fast forward to a month ago. I got some nasty text messages from her and her boyfriend saying all sorts of threatening and mean things to me about her father and I. They were mad because we refuse to send her money now that she is an adult. We stopped the money also to quit enabling her, they used it for their drugs or her smokes. She is 19 and has NEVER had a job and refuses to work, so does her boyfriend, he only gets jobs when its required by probation or they are like now going through the courts facing felony drug selling charges. So that day my DH and I decided that we no longer want to be part of her life if she is going to continue to act like this. She told us since we wont help her financially she wants us out of her life too, she has no use for us. She has a baby on the way and this scares me because I hear she is still out partying. Ugh. So that is just a paragraph of the last 4 years. I haven't spoken to her in anyway in the last month and honestly, after what I have been through health wise, I never want to see her again. I stopped loving her that day.

So my health: in summer of 2011 I got a tick disease that caused me to be so sick. Well doctors couldn't figure out why it caused me to be so sick for so long. Major issues for 18 months straight. Had every test under the sun done and the only thing that popped up was that tick disease and I had some major anxiety which I had never had before in my life until that point. I could not drive a car for 9 of those months because of massive dizziness. The only thing I have left now is the anxiety/panic, some off balance issues and my left side has been diagnosed as having mild left sided paralysis (my left hand shakes and my left leg falls asleep regularly). Been tested for MS too. So my doctor finally figured it all out after a massive work up. The tick disease did half of it and dealing with the stress I had she believes that day I went to the ER swearing I was having a stroke (mind you, my left side was real bad then among like 30 symptoms, no lie). She thinks that the stress caused me to go into a mental breakdown and having my immune system deprived by my tick disease made it even worse for me. When this all hit me 2 years ago, I was driving in my car when it happened and almost passed out.

So fast forward health to today, the left sided issues and massive anxiety and panic. I still have troubles driving at times as it causes panic attacks. I get panic when she would call me, text me, see me anything that dealt with her also. It has caused me to not work, my hubby is very supportive, if it were his choice he would like me at home with our young daughters anyways since they need me and I am a good house wife, I feel he brings home the money so I do clean, laundry, make meals and do all the stuff for the kids. He works long hours so I am not hurting him by staying home BUT I paid and still am paying for my education. I went back to school after being a cop to switch careers. I am sad because I keep looking for jobs but they are like half hour to an hour drive to get to them in my field and I feel like such a loser because if I drive that far alone, I know I will have a panic attack. I am 36 years old and NEVER had issues like this before. Now it controls me and I know it came from that stress and the compulsive thoughts worrying about her and trying to help her and her refusing. I feel sometimes like I am mourning her loss. Like that little girl died and was replaced with satin. I am on an anti anxiety pill for the first time in my life and I am angry, I am angry she put me through this and cant help but blame her. My little girls had to watch their mama really sick and at the same time lose her mind. I just cant forgive her.

Anyways that was short version. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has gone through illness due to stress of their skids? I would love someone to talk to or just hear your story or advice. Thank you. I feel like a mess. I want my life back. I do have a plan. I want to wean off my medication slowly (talked with doctor about this). I miss having my glass of wine, no drinking at all on this med and I am not an alcoholic, I just like a glass of wine occasionally to calm myself. I plan to start working out again, I did this for a while with my oldest SD22 and worked on what I ate and I felt wonderful for a while but I fell off the exercise train lol. I want my life back!!!

A little background: I have been with DH for 12 years, two SD's 22 and 19 and two bio's with DH DD8 and DD3. Very supportive DH, sometimes he makes me mad but what hubby doesn't Smile Thank you in advance to all that post on this. I really need someone.

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One more thing that still hurts me to this day that she did to me. When I was in the beginning of my illness I had these bruised body feelings that would literally bring me to the ground. I was laying on the living room floor when she came home after being gone for 2 weeks straight staying at a friends house against our wishes at the age of 17. I asked her if she could stay the night at our home with me to help me with the kids because DH was away for work and it was 8pm and the girls hadn't even eaten yet because I was so sick. SD looked at me and said no, she said I need to realize that some people have a life and the world doesn't revolve around me. My kids were only 6 and 1 at that time. I needed someone so bad. She walked out the door and I cried. A friend of mine left work early and brought my kids food and took care of me. That was the biggest heartbreak ever for me after all I had ever done for her. I thought I was dying that night and that was the night I taught my at that time 6 year old how to dial 911 if it was needed for me. I have tears just writing this. Yes I went through counseling and I have a good support system and I have gotten much better these days but really just wanting to know that I am not alone in this illness stuff.

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Oooohhh noooooooo......pppfffffhhhhttttt. Health problems due to stress from blended family issues?

Let's see.....thyroid issues, asthma, weight gain and adrenal fatigue to name a few.

I was perfectly fine before DH and I moved in together. Within 6 months I started having issues. Went from a size 6 to a size 14. Can't lose the weight no matter what I eat, how much I eat or how much I exercise.

On meds for thyroid and adrenal issues. Asthma has calmed down.

I'm beginning to believe step-parenting is the leading cause of heart disease in America, right behind high fat diets, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle.

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Yes, dealing with Twit and her carp I had stomach problems, headaches and broke out in a very severe rash that lasted for months.

Since I have stopped listening to H tell me to suck it up, be big about it etc., since I have started telling Twit how it is, and stopped putting up with her carp the rash has gone away. Unfortunately Twit has not Sad

She is still a burr under the saddle blanket because the woman definitely has severe psychological problems, is a pathetic liar, boarder line personality and just plain awful.

I no longer buy her Christmas gifts, etc. If H doesn't do it than Twit is SOL, and that has already happened last Christmas.

Working on disengaging is GREAT. Unfortunately, when Twit keeps attacking, looking for a weak spot, it still is rough.

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My depression and OCD got much worse. I was previously in counseling once a month. For a while, I had to see the counselor once a week. Things were that bad.

Op, I'm so sorry you had such a horrible illness. I hope you're doing better now.

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I have those dizzy spells, I cry a lot, Feel like I'm loosing my mind, I weight 125 when I married 5 years ago now I'm 163. I just got back from the store I went and got me some St Johns wart. I have been smoking almost 3 packs a day. I have anger in my heart, I could go on and on. But right now they have stressed me out so much I'm going to go get my hair done, I also feel like I am not worth the spit on the ground. That's why I'm getting my hair done and having a fuzzy navel mmm so good

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I can relate to each and every one of you in one way or more! Thank you for sharing, I feel horrible for all of you but at the same time its nice to know I am not alone in this.

Its sad what we have all been through and I am so thankful for this place to come together and vent to one another. This is my form of counseling and it has helped tremendously. I hope someday each and every one of us will be back to our own normal again.

Too bad we didn't all live in the same state so we could have monthly meetings with drinks and vent sessions!

I am getting better it just seems to take a long time. The illness part has been going on for 2 years straight for me. Its lightened up a bit like I said in my post but still there. For the one who mentioned Xanax, that is what I am on. I have anywhere from 1 to 3 a day depending on the day. Its the lowest dose but I cant live with out having it near me incase I need it.

I miss my wine. Although I have snuck a glass or two at times :jawdrop: I only added the jaw drop because I love it!

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Oh my goodness! I am so sorry that you are going through all this. Hugs sent. I will keep you and all the posters who were kind enough to write me back in my thoughts and prayers. Wish I could hug you all.

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I suffer from complex migraines and they are brought on by stress. A "complex migraine" is one in which there are neurological symptoms such as weakness, loss of vision, or difficulty speaking in addition to the headache. A complex migraine may be mistaken for a stroke. My husband is an EMT and the first time I had one he thought I was having a stroke. When my SD lived with us I got them all the time, to the point I lost a job over it. I was on FMLA, but they found other reasons to get rid of me. SD was asked to leave our home and it has been a year and a half, she still continues to try to cause problems. When she starts her bullshit I have the migraines. They are not fun, and she does not care about me or my health. She has told me and DH she hopes I die many times Sad

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Gained 50 pounds, anxiety, depression, insomnia, shingles, heart issues.

I am better now since disengaging. I haven't lost weight yet but all other symptoms are gone gone gone! Yay!

apparently I have PTSD because I ran into SD30 last year in a store and she gave me such a hate look that I went home and had nightmares about her for about 3 days!

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I am wondering if I have PTSD because I get that way too. I will have nightmares, at night time when I have no one to talk to because everyone is asleep SD runs through my mind and its like I cant quit thinking of it. I also find myself in fear and making sure all doors and windows are locked because I fear her and her boyfriend due to come criminal history with them and especially him. I feel the need to constantly protect my children.

I do know it seems to get easier as the days go by since I disengaged. I just talk to my own little support group (my friends and DH) and that seems to help me, also being on here helps. I just don't care to go back to a psychiatrist because all they do is medicate and I just am more of a natural girl. I don't like medications, I am allergic to a few and I tried 4 different anti anxieties and depression meds, one knocked me out for 24 hours straight, DH got worried, ended up in ER, another caused bradicardia that ended me in the ER. Another made me so full of rage my DH flushed them down the toilet. the other one made my dizziness much worse. I am on one that is a PRN and it works wonders for me.

Meeting with my doctor though again this month. I want to do a slow wean off and eventually just be exercising, eating right and enjoying an occasional glass of wine by the time I am done with the wean off. Maybe have the med on hand for an as needed basis like the drug should be. I am on it 2 times a day to keep me sane. It works.

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I was diagnosed with PTSD also. I believe many of us come from dysfunctional families where there was possible abuse and/or neglect. This sets us up for future relationships. We may not see it but it sticks out like a neon sign - "I'm a speed bump, come use me." I have to admit, DH and SD were just another PTSD episode in my life but this particular 'episode' was so bad it made me finally realize I had better change or I would be a emotional and physical basket case. I too am much better since I stood up for myself and stopped the vicious cycle. It took 20 years but it was well worth it.

As for the PTSD I know I can not be around toxic people anymore. For a long time after banning SD from our home I had nightmares too. They seem to have subsided. But still - every time I see a big (like a refrigerator), ugly, pouty grown brat with her mouth pulled down on the sides I can feel my nostrils start to reach for my earlobes.

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Oh how I understand this Sandy, totally and completely understand it. Yes, this trauma does lead to PTSD and there will always be triggers, always. But in time we learn to manage them.

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Okay, I'm going to put this bluntly. I'm all F****d up. Four different anti-depressants, 100 lb weigh gain, diagnosed with PTSD, depression, bi-polar, now high blood pressure, constant nightmares, severe panic attacks that come on AT RANDOM, hair coming out, severe rage issues, crying fits, terrible anger issues at DH in regards to his family, not concentrating on work....

One week in a mental ward because of his family...yeah, it's been a complete joy. I no longer smile, I no longer laugh, and I no longer enjoy life.

I know I should probably get a divorce but I'm tired of things not working out. People need their butts straightened out and stop acting like ignorant rednecks!!

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Okay, I'm going to put this bluntly. I'm all F****d up. Four different anti-depressants, 100 lb weigh gain, diagnosed with PTSD, depression, bi-polar, now high blood pressure, constant nightmares, severe panic attacks that come on AT RANDOM, hair coming out, severe rage issues, crying fits, terrible anger issues at DH in regards to his family, not concentrating on work....

One week in a mental ward because of his family...yeah, it's been a complete joy. I no longer smile, I no longer laugh, and I no longer enjoy life.

I know I should probably get a divorce but I'm tired of things not working out. People need their butts straightened out and stop acting like ignorant rednecks!!

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Yep I'm convinced that SMs (particularly NCP SMs living with guilty biodads) have a higher rate of stress, stress induced health issues and early onset of death. Someone ought to do a study!

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:jawdrop: OMG, sweetie, say it ain't so! After you crack your DH over the head with that lead pipe, you tell that brat to get the heck out of your home and your life. The last time I checked, most states consider 18 adulthood. There is no way she should still be in your home. Stress can KILL you. It literally can KILL you. If you want help on how to get rid of her, let me know. I'm a pro at getting rid of the little buggers. You take care of your self. You are worth too much to allow a spoiled toxic person do this to you.

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I hope you have a Speedy Recovery and the Panic Attacks disappear for you!

I too have been victimized by the Step Life in the form of health issues...I am dealing with mirena withdrawal and my SOs ex and his kids exacerbate the anxiety from the Mirena tremendously the ex just called tonight....
So yes I do believe that stress can definitely affect your over all health.
I feel really bad for those of you who cant even function or have developed serious health problems.
Do our partners not get it?
My ex leaves me the fuck a lone and I wish others would too!

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I LOVE how honest everyone is on this site. Stories are so similar. My whole life I was slim and never got sick. Last 4 years with guilty daddy and SD17, illness after illness. Flu, flu, flu, tummy bug, flu, virus, hospitalised, INSOMNIA, nightmares, depression, counsellors, psychologist, flu, tummy bug, severe hair loss.

The weight gain is hugely noticeable for anyone that knows me. People do a double take. Whereas 4 years before I would just lose weight overnight if I decided to, now nothing will help. Admittedly the self soothing alcohol and food habits do not help. I gave up alcohol for a month and did a 14km Fun Run recently but sadly still could not turn myself around. I was still tired all the time. I would get up at 6.00am on the weekend and train and then sleep for 2 hours. Believe me I have fought this stress. I hate that I have let stress and anger become my best friends. I feel so annoyed with myself that I am failing to turn up as the best parent for my 5 year old.

Praying that it will turn around for me and for everyone here. Recently I have started to express my real feelings and have started standing up for my experience of what happens. I feel some improvement and a shift in my health as well. I am sharing this only to offer that it can improve and to write it down so I place the value on my health that I should and stop accepting DH and SD17's issues as my own. They are not my issues. I did not create these issues. Why should they be entering my body in the form of stress. Guilty parenting is my DH's choice. Angry passive aggressive behaviour is SD17's choice. I have always lived my life generously with openness, love and honestly so I need to reject the games and negativity. We all need to!

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My anxiety was much worse when I was engaged. I also think my DHs family probably thought I was an alcoholic because I drank at least 2 glasses of wine almost every time I was around them (inc. lunch). They didn't know the alcohol was a coping mechanism because of the stress I was experiencing.

Now I'm back to drinking only on occasion.

Oh yea, I gained lots of weight too. I'm on a serious diet and hoping to be back to my normal weight soon.

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I often wonder if my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was caused in part by the enormous stress my evil SD18 put me through. I know for a fact that she made it worse. She has put me through HELL! I was healthy as a horse until we got them full-time and between 2007 and now I have multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cardiomyopathy, POTS, GERD, Chronic pain syndrome, anxiety, and depression. Mind you I had NOTHING wrong before!! I was an assistant professor of nursing, ICU nurse, served on about 4 committees and ran a special needs sports league. Now I am permanently disabled drawing retirement and social security. I don't even Fuc&$ng recognize myself anymore. I am no longer happy or feel like I have any kind of life. She's finally gone but why do I have left?
YEARS of lies, stealing, arguing, manipulating, sneaking around, lying, lying, lying, creating division and fights between me and my husband. Succeeding in me moving out three Fuc&@ng times before my husband finally woke up to what she was doing and what she was. Honestly I have so much pain, anger, and bitterness that now that I finally have him without her, I'm not sure I want him anymore. HE allowed this to happen! He failed to protect me from her over and over again. At the sickest time in my life, right after (4 weeks) my diagnosis of MS he believes her lies and I moved out for the 1st time. Trying to deal with a life-changing medical condition, giving myself shots every day and all alone because of her. When I stop to really think about it and feel anew what they BOTH put me through, I think I hate both of them. I love him but wonder if Ill ever get past the pain.

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Hugs!! I am sorry for your all you've gone through! I hope your DH gets it and changes so he can provide you with the support you need.

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Hugs sent to you, I am so sorry for what you are going through along with everyone else on here. They thought I had MS too, I had so many of the symptoms, still do somewhat. I know the feeling of not even recognizing myself. I know the anger too! I still have massive anger over it. SD19 ruined me. The thing that pisses me off the most is that I was there for that little bitch for years. I gave her and her sister a wonderful childhood and now I have to struggle to give MY OWN babies a wonderful childhood. With my own I am more short tempered and not so much fun. I have been working my ass off to stop being this way just so that my BABY's DD8 and DD3 have a good life. That is the big reason I cant ever forgive SD19. My babies are my life. They deserve a healthy fun mom and not a mom that has to say "I need to sit down a minute, I feel like I might pass out". My girls will ask me if I need my medication. That breaks my heart. SD19 never had to see me on medication or sick like this. She bailed on me and let me be sick all by myself while her dad was away for work. Didn't care what her sisters were going through. I know this is crude but I really hate her. I used to love her but its gone now.

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I have also had my SD18 tell me many times that she hopes I die a painful death all alone with my MS. I grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive home but the pain of that is nothing compared to what she has put me through for the past few years. I feel like I have PTSD as a result.

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I am so sorry for what you have experienced. Your SD sounds too evil to be true but the sad thing is I KNOW it's true. OK, I'm nasty and negative but I sincerely hope the karma bus catches up with her. What a piece of work!!!

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I want to give a xanex warning because I was on it for 3 years. I started it because I had panic attacks but eventually took it because I couldn't sleep without it. I didn't know my sleep problems were likely due to the xanex. After I went off of it I literally was up for 6 days, wide awake. I later discovered that insomnia can be a side effect of xanex (so you take more to sleep). This is exaggerated when coming off this med.

I also had what's called rebound anxiety (anxiety gets exacerbated as the med wears off) when I was taking xanex. I even started to feel I needed xanex in benign social situations. I didn't know my anxiety was rebound, I figured it was just your run of the mill anxiety. My wake up came after I got off the xanex and my anxiety was decreased significantly. I no longer need xanex, though it took a few wks after getting off of it to feel like this.

Yes, initially I took it regularly to deal with all the stress from DHs family. Eventually it became an addiction and caused more anxiety than I could have imagined.

Now that I'm not on it (~ 1yr) my sleep is pretty normal and I rarely have anxiety. Disengaging helped big time but I also think stopping xanex was the right thing to do.

This is just a warning to frequent xanex users such as myself. I wish my Dr. had talked to me about the risk of addiction and the side effects more. Not everyone uses it daily and I imagine not everyone has these side effects even if they do. The catch for me was that the only way I realized I was having the side effects was to actually get off the med.

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This is interesting. Explain more about this rebound stuff. I am on alprazolam (I am also the one who wrote this forum). Alprazolam is generic Xanax. I take .25mg 3x a day. Been on it for almost 2 years. I have an appointment with my doctor, I want to wean off because I think that the reason I am not getting completely better may be medication reasons too. My doctor told me it would be a few months of weaning, not cold turkey. could take 4 to 6 months to wean. I plan while I am weaning to go back to eating better and to also exercise...Exercise makes me feel good, and I plan to go back to having a glass of wine a night to help me sleep. Does this sound like a good plan? I want my life back, I want to be there for my little girls. The baby's that I carried. I miss my old self so bad. I used to love to go for long rides and now I panic if I am driving outside of my town. Its horrible. I wonder if the Xanax causes some of this? Help me?

Thank you Jennaspace!

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It sounds like a good plan to me, though I'm not qualified medically to give any more insight than that.

This article seemed to have a pretty good description of rebound anxiety. More than anything I can attest to it personally. My anxiety problems were much worse on Alprazolam (I just called it xanax since that's the non generic name I guess). Unfortunately, I think the effects of the pill itself made me feel like I needed it all the time. After quitting the drug, my anxiety was reduced significantly.

Dr. Amen has a lot of good things to say about anxiety and depression, esp in regards to natural remedies (though he is not opposed to meds).

You may want to be careful with wine as a sleep aide. A wino myself (san alcoholism) I tend to sleep well with wine initially but then wake up around 3am. If this isn't the case for you than ignore this. Wine supposedly affects your blood sugar even though it's low carb (at least Red, which is what I drink).

I also absolutely have issues with losing weight when I drink wine even when I'm strict in my habits. I've talked to others with this experience and again have heard it has something to do with wine's effect on your blood sugar.

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Thank you for your response! This helps. I also usually say its Xanax otherwise people are asking what alprazolam is. It just sounded like I might have the same reaction as you do with it. I feel since I am completely disengaged I should be getting much better but I am so anxious at times. Plus at night if I forget to take a pill I cant sleep. So maybe its a bit of an addiction now and I should wean. I have been on it for two years.

As for wine I should have said Champaign, I like the bubbly stuff haha! I usually buy the cheap Asti stuff. I like a glass at night, it does make me sleep. Once I get to sleep even with the alprazolam I sleep good through out the night as long as I don't go to bed too early. I just miss my glass of bubbly. I am afraid to drink while on this because I have heard horror stories. My doctor says its fine to enjoy a glass since my dose is so low but still, I wont.

Thank you so much for responding and sharing with me. Take care.

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Wow I read both of those links. I didn't realize the effects of Xanax. I am definitely going to my appointment with the intentions of weaning off with my doctors help. That is scary! As far as the book, it looks worth reading, going to get me a copy. Thanks again. Smile

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You're welcome Smile I think disengaging helps us focus on things like this because we aren't so distracted w/step issues. I'll pray weaning off goes well for you. Your symptoms may seem worse for a few wks but than your brain starts kicking in (making it's own GABA apparently) and the anxiety subsides in my experience.

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Thank you for the prayers. I will send you a message when I am done with the weaning. It will take months though, but I wont forget ya. Not to get all bible thumpy but our church is doing this prayer thing and this week I am going to put in a prayer for all who suffer from anxiety and panic and all the people on here that posted in my forum for healing from the pain and suffering that we all have went through.

Yes disengaging from SD19 has helped me and I am so thankful that DH is on board with me. DH spent an hour and a half tonight talking to me about how he feels and it definitely showed me our marriage will make it and that he realizes what it did to me. He also let me know what it did to him and how he probably feels even more serious about not letting her back in our life for a very long time. I thanked him for being so open about it with me considering he is the most kept to himself, laid back, man of few words that I have EVER met in my life.

You take care Jennaspace and thank you so much for reaching out. You helped me a lot.

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"he is the most kept to himself, laid back, man of few words that I have EVER met in my life." Are you talking about my husband? Sounds just like my man. Maybe those of use with anxiety issues are attracted to these anchor types. It's tough when your going through step issues though because they don't say much. I'm really glad he's verbalizing support, I know how unusual that is on my end too.

Thanks for your prayers for those of us in your forum. I could always use prayer.

I'll look forward to hearing from you. Weaning can be tough but you are doing it slowly, which is smart (I did not). I'm confident that the combo of disengaging and weaning off the drug will bring about positive changes in your life in the long run.

You're welcome! Please keep me posted.

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I am 36, used to be so healthy and happy. Just happy. Got married and step kids stressed me out so much that I have ended up with Hashimotos and all the mental crap that comes with it. Sometimes during a thyroid reversal, the mental anguish is enough to be admitted to a psych ward. Yes, this is what I have dealt with. My husband is supportive and the 19 year old SD is no longer allowed to come over. Stress will trigger some serious shit with anyone suffering from an autoimmune disease.

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Hi StepAside, its so good to read that you are getting it together. I am sorry for your former self in your 30's with two little ones and dealing with an emotional tsunami.

Well done with the weight loss.

You say that those folks had to be removed from your life. Did that happen mentally via disengagement as well as physically? I am interested because in my case I think SD17 will potentially be with us for a number of years continuing at 50% unless I do something radical about it. If I insisted on something else, it would have lots of consequences. I also do not want my DH to be sad or to be responsible for launching a girl who is so ill prepared into the world.

Disengagement will be my key. Alcohol and food can only get a step mother so far and in my case I was too far along the road to fat and depressed. I am trying to toughen up and shape up. Give me some tips.

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Bottled up anger, stress and hostility over the skids can cause a number of health problems. i am sure you are not alone.

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Its so nice to know I am not alone and I am forever incredibly thankful for all of your responses, you helped more then you all will ever know. I love this site. I would have no one to vent to without all of you. Hugs sent out. I hope all of us one day have no health issues and can be truly happy.

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living long term in a toxic and abusive situation can cause illnesses of the immune system. that is a medical fact.