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Update on text message sent before Christmas

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Yes its true, the text was for only 2 things.

1. To try and get gifts and then stay out of our lives still.

2. To give the little ones gifts so that she could say to all her friends "Look my Dad and SM ignored me on a holiday and I even went to the extent of buying my little sisters gifts, feel sorry for me and give me more free stuff"

I figured this one out, its not important how but I figured it out. Oh and by the way the so called gifts she said she dropped off at my parents and sent me pictures of what they were for my little girls, were NEVER dropped off at my parents. She was just waiting for me to say oh where I can I mail the check to you.

She has not changed yet. Also she doesn't care about her little sisters, before the disengagement happened, every time she would see them she would barely acknowledge them. However before the drug use, the boyfriend, the life of crime she was a good kid and a wonderful big sister. What she doesn't realize and I will not let her know this because I want her gone for now, my kids are starting to forget about her. They only ask about SD22. DD8 told me she is scared of SD19's boyfriend and doesn't want her around because of him.

Ok went off topic but wanted to update that no she wasn't trying to come back into our lives because of the baby, she was wanting us to give her gifts and then walk out on us again. We have played this game for 4 years, this time, we were smarter.

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I am actually proud of myself for the first time in this whole mess. During it my health declined and so did my attitude on life. Well that negativity I was giving also affected my baby girls. I used to walk around mad, mad that she had this fun loving wonderful step mom who did everything for her that a mother should do (Her BM loved that because she didn't have to do the work just got the Mom title). I was resentful because my own bio babies got the not so fun, sick health-wise Mom. Well, I changed that, lately I have been doing everything I should do as a mother to my own, I have been having so much fun with them, I have been living my life and having the thought in my mind "My kids only have one childhood" and lately, my girls have been telling me that I am so fun, and how much they love me. I feel a little like myself again and I am proud of that. I could either lay around feeling sad, guilt, and all the other negative feelings or get off my ass and do something about it. I also stuck to changing my diet (had a couch potato pathetic diet going on for a while) and have been exercising and reading books in my spare time. The books are self help books that my therapist recommended but I love them, I am learning from them. Anyways this is a HUGE step for me. DH and the girls are loving it. DH says I seem back to my old self but a better self. He says all this can either be a sad story or a lesson learned on how to live my life better for my girls. They are young, 8 and 3 and they need me more then the 19 year old who doesn't want me that I didn't give birth to.

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1. "Handling Difficult People" (What to do when people try to push your buttons) By: Dr. John Townsend

2. "Boundaries" 9When to say yes, how to say no to take control of your life) By: Dr. Henry cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

My therapist recommended both of them. I also found one on my own that interests me and I just ordered it, I plan to start that one after I finish Boundaries (already finished Handling difficult people). The book I ordered is: The Power of a Half Hour by Tommy Barnett. This one is more on making your time useful in a day. I notice with me, if I keep myself busy, I think less about our situation.

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It's sad when drugs and other's bad influence take over a young girl's life. So much potential and dreams of the future...poof. Gone.

I'm sorry your SD got caught up in the poor choices and downward lifestyle, but you've made the correct decision in keeping her away from your children and homelife. I hope someday your SD is strong enough that she actually remerges from the dark life she's leading. In the meantime, which unfortunately may indeed be forever, protect your loved ones from her.