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The Christmas Countdown - the Skid Contact revs Up

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Well the holidays MUST be approaching because we are being showered with love from SS18 and SS13 (lol). In other words, they are actually contacting DH and being semi decent. SS13 needed new clothes so he graced us with his presence and was actually nice to be around for the weekend. He apologized to me for his crazy behavior and as long as he can keep it up (and I no longer have to have BM's horrible nephew over here), I'll deal with it to make DH happy.

SS18 announced on Facebook yesterday (so DH could see it) that her Kindle broke and how upset she was. Oh sob - you mean the Kindle that your evil stepmother bought you as just an "I was thinking about you" gift? Well, hopefully BM will get a new one in this year's charity offering because this shop (also known as the evil stepmom's wallet) is officially CLOSED to you. Nice of you to contact your dad after four months at college by TEXT, when you aren't too busy playing on Pinterest and posting passive agressive comments about him with your stupid slut of a mother.

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What a pack of losers, LOL! They are so predictable. I've detached, this is my second Christmas. I'm doing nothing for SD41 and her new Husband. Last year I bought myself some extra (nice) stuff instead of using the money for her. Merry Cristmas to me, from SD41, LOL! DH is clueless, he had to handle it on his own last year. And he will this year too. I feel strangely peaceful about this holiday season.

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I am glad you feel peaceful! Me, too. DH and I had a long talk before we got married, actually before we got engaged. He had stopped handing the skids money, but I told him that I cannot sit by and watch him do that ever again. His kids are horrible to him, and as young adults, they just get worse. I made him agree to a limit for birthdays and holidays. I do not and cannot spend a lot on holidays, and even if we could, there is no way I was going to spend a ton of cash on 3 hateful, lazy, nasty, and obnoxious adults. 2 of them have never worked and refuse to get jobs, and one only works pt. DH agreed to this, and I am glad.

The problem I have is my MIL, who thinks we should give them whatever they want. She has not seen them in over 3 years and has no interaction with them at all. But, we should give them what they want "to make them be nice".... :sick:

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My DH's kids (19, 20, 23) do not call at all. If they need money or something, they will text or email. If he does not answer right away, or does not answer, they will go on Facebook and post "poor me" crap. He stopped the cash flow almost 2 years ago, and they seem to finally understand that he is no longer going to be used. It has been this way since they were young, as they were taught by BM that dad is a wallet and a wallet only. They also seem to think we have a lot of money. We do not-I recently lost my job, and we have never had a lot.

As the holidays approach, we are getting Christmas requests:

a laptop computer
$2000 worth of computer equipment
a dog- :jawdrop: (the skids live with BM and her aunt. 5 adults in a tiny home. Aunt works FT, DH's daughter works pt and won't pay rent, and no one else works. And they want a dog).

I hope they all enjoy their $50 gift cards, which they do not deserve!

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Oh, and Redsonya, my DH's daughter broke her laptop bc she threw it. She threw it bc she got mad when we got married. She is 23. She claims it broke. It was not even a year old.

So, I get the Kindle thing....ugh.

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SD16 has contacted DH twice in the past 2 days. Prior to that, she hadn't contacted him or responded to him in months. She keeps posting stuff on her fb about how she "hates not having any money" and "she needs money for new shoes". Umm... your mom gets $3500 a month. She can probably buy you shoes.

But, I know that's why she is making contact. She wants gifts. AND of COURSE... both times she's texted DH gets all giddy like "My little girl is talking to me!!!!" I want to vomit.

Wait for Christmas to pass... she will fall off the face of the earth again until she thinks she can squeeze a "family" vacation out of us again. Not happening.