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Wow! Tacky much?

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So ex-DH's creditors continue to call and I continue to give them his daughter and ex-wife's info (the debt is all community debt that he had with the ex). In searching for his daughter's address, I found the obituary that his family posted. It HAD to be his ex-wife who posted it because it says "Donations to his children in lieu of flowers is appreciated" WTF? lol! I've seen people ask for donations to a favorite charity, but donations to yourselves? Everyone who would be sending flowers knows that DH left them the three bedroom house, BM has worked part time for the whole 5 years of her life she has ever worked, and they aren't destitute,lol!

Oh well, this is the same woman who begged her friends for a Christmas tree and money to send her daughter to Paris on a high school trip off Facebook. They also tried to get me to pay for ex-DH's cremation, but wouldn't include my daughter in his memorial (he was her stepdad for the past 4 years - her only dad since her dad died before she was born) and they took and sold everythng of value. Tacky, classless, and zero pride.

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wow. def beats the tackiness of my stepsons bm showing up to my ss prom pictures with our 2000 dollar camera that we couldn't find draped around her neck and months of photos in it.