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Wedding in 5 days... buckle your seat belts its gonna get bumpy

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We're getting married on Saturday. Ss18 is not coming, hasn't spoken to his Dad in 6 months. No loss.
Ss16 is coming, is excited, is being very supportive.
Ex wife has been making attempts at contact with fdh for the last 2 weeks. Hang up phone calls, texts, "I need you to call" Emails that get immediately deleted. He's just not engaging in her nonsense.
Fdh is holding firm, there is NOTHING she needs to say that he needs to hear.
SS16 is unaware his Mum has been attempting contact, fdh simply asked if anything was wrong up there? Nope, all good.
I'm just a little scared that psycho is going to amp up the cray cray in the remaining 5 days because she is capable of some astounding mind games. Anyone else had dealings with the ex in the lead up to your wedding?
My biggest fear is that she won't put ss16 on his flight. Its about the only thing she could do but I wouldn't put it past her. Passive Agressive is her stock in trade.
Maybe shes just realizing what a mess she's made. Her mini husband, ss18 hasn't spoken to her in 4 months either. You reap what you sow.

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Good time for her to pull a fast one like car trouble on the way to the airport.

Maybe Daddy can wire him a hundred bucks in case he needs a taxi at the last minute.

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The Sperm Idiot and the Sperm Clan had little to say when we got married. But then again we did not tell them we were getting married. We just did it.

Interestingly the Sperm Idiot, then 25, married his 16yo GF a week before we married to avoid getting thrown in prison for statutory rape. The custody case he initiated to gain custody of my SS (then 1yo) was scheduled for court and he did not want to be thrown in prison when we and many in the community who were on our witness list brought his statutory rapist career before the judge during the custody hearing.

I think your DH is doing the right thing by ignoring his X leading up to your wedding. If he is confirming that there are no emergencies regarding his boys then there is no need to hear anything that BM has to say.

The advice that others gave to have DH give SS-16 some money and a copy of his e-ticket so he can get the airport if toxic mommy starts to play games is very good advice for your DH to follow. We did something similar for my SS when he was on Sperm Clan visitation. We set up a bank joint account for DW and SS. SS had a debit card. His account did not require that there be any balance in the account. When he traveled we would transfer money from our account to his in case of an emergency. When he arrived in Sperm Land he would text or call to inform us of his safe arrival and we would transfer the money out of his account. Anytime the Sperm Clan knew he had money on him they would make him fill their gas tanks and pay for lunch for the Sperm Idiot and the three younger also out of wedlock Sperm Idiot spawn by two more baby mamas.

The zero balance debit card allowed us to help SS if necessary when he was traveling for visitaiton but to also prevent the Sperm Clan from taking advantage of SS and our money.

It worked well for us.

IMHO of course.

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I think every airline has different ages for flying unaccompanied but I doubt if any of them are 16 or older. Call the airline if he hasn't flown with them prior to this.

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Thanks guys. He's flown with the airline before so no issues there. We will put the money in his account to get a taxi if she pulls any tricks. She did initially object when we booked his flights because he'll have 2 days out of school to be here. These objections were easily countered because she allowed the 18 yo to miss his year 12 exams. Education is no priority for her so when fdh called her on the hypocracy she had to back down. The hang ups continue. I'm home organizing last minute stuff and dumbass doesn't have sense enough to block her number when she pranks. :?