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sharing rooms

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My three kids and I are moving into my fiancé's home. My two boys are sharing a room and my BD and SD will share a room. SD refuses to calm it "their room", it's her room. She is 10, my daughter is 8. Any ideas that BD has SD very ugly tells her no. Yesterday when I was cleaning her room for painting I get this text, " you do your room and I will do MY room". This stirred up a lot of emotion, good thing fiancé was hunting. This can be such a touchy subject. I don't want my feelings hurt and I sure don't want her being sassy and hurting BD' s feelings. I understand it's hard for her to share her room but I can't take the attitude. Help!

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A good few years ago, my XSD (then 9) had to share a room with her new step sister (then 6). I was actually impressed with how XSD's BM (normally a crazy psycho) handled it...she did the room in two colors...had it split where one side was XSD's & the other was her new SD' worked very well. She put up bunk beds on each side & told the girls they could put blankets up around the bottom bunk if they wanted their "private" space. It seemed to work for them.

Try not to get too offended about your's normal for her not to want to share her space. It's new for both of them & she will adjust.

Good luck!

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That's a great idea. They are going to choose paint colors, I was just going to let SD choose but maybe it shouldn't even start that way, it should start with both of them having the choice. We are doing the bunkbeds and they are due here Thursday. My BD is easygoing, I just need her to be a part without SD bringing her and her ideas down.