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Vent. . .BM does not have to communicate?

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Any one else have this problem with the BM they have to deal with?

Dh communicates regularly, via email, text, and regular mail about all things concerning the girls, yet 9 times outta 10, no response from her. . .unless something he has sent doesn't go with what she wants, then its WWIII. We have had to shorten time for a vacay this summer because she didn't bother to look at the schedule that was sent over a three months ago and was again printed and handed to her over a month ago. She argued that "it was her day" and "their grandpa is here, and this could be the last time they see him," despite the parenting plan stating that the regular schedule is trumped by the vacay schedule, we had to bed yet again.

Today she texts and wants another change to the schedule, stating "I will have them this weekend, and you will drop them off at this time. You can have them this weekend instead" There is wiggle room in the court order, so she uses it, but she is such a nasty way of getting what she wants. Its never a request, just this is how it is. If she is asked to reconsider, the answer is no...alwaysh however, if she asks for anything, it damn well better be given or she goes into psycho mode she is starting to lie to the kids (that we can actually prove) and this kind of crap is starting to negatively affect the girls.

Besides documentation, is there anything we can do to put an end to the shennagians?

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YES. BM never ever tells DH anything, ever.

DH does try to keep her informed, they do have a 50-50 split with the kids, but its a one way communication road.

BM also never ever asks - she informs - OMFG - this drives me nuts. We have to ask, beg and plead, we have the kids as much as her if not more and we pay for everything, yet somehow she just informs.

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You can't control Bm but you can control how you feel about it, she is propably unhappy and jealous, you must really worry her, for her to put so much effort into pissing you both off, sadly she is too thick to see that her behaviour is adversely effecting her children, how selfish is that? What sort of person would act like this? A very sad one indeed, you have the higher ground, your a decent person, Im sure there is something you can do legally as its effecting the skids, perhaps you should feel sorry for this silly woman, propably the most important thing in her life is pissing you both off, be happy that you do not sink to her level.