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Hugh left his new wife nothing

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I'm watching ET right now and they said he had an iron clad prenup and his wife knew she would inherit nothing. To me that defeats the purpose of being married to that man with all his wrinkles and girlfriends. I would expect a payout at the end. Any thoughts? The house was already sold and he got to live there till he passed away so she doesn't even grt to stay in the mansion.


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If she signed it I guess she knew she’d be playing trophy wife til he died and be taken care of until then. She must have been ok knowing it was a temporary lifestyle, in every way apparently. Weird.

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My DH will inherit nothing - but he will be provided an income for life and be able to live in ONE of my three homes. He will not be left high and dry - he just won't have anything of mine to leave to his worthless crotch dropping POS son - SS32.

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She may inherit nothing but I doubt she's going to be destitute. Chances are she had a trust of some sort set up for her benefit long before he died.

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A while back I read that she would not be included in the will but I can only imagine she's got a big fat bank account, new car and a home somewhere in her name that's paid for. Hugh was smart to keep her completely separate from his kids. I could only imagine the fighting and lawsuits that would ensue had he tried to leave her any portion of his estate.

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Why would you want a payout in the end??

She agreed to the pre nub, she's not named in his will...
and she still married him.....

she got allot during the marraige, belief me, she can keep everything he bought her, and she keeps her monthly allowance...

next she will be writing a book like Holly did and make enough money to live off... there probably will be a realty show as well.

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She ran before their first planned wedding in 2011, saying she got cold feet.
They then reconciled and got married on NYE 2012.

Now I could be wrong but my intuition says she got a pretty good settlement before they got married.

And, it's tabloid news saying the prenup is iron clad. The public will never know exactly who gets what or how much they get.

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Just dropping by to say his son even thoughtfully mentioned her in his grief statement to the public. I don't think she's threatening any of their money so they're accepting of her. Whatever she's taking now, she received long before he died.