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So, What DO you DO with the CRAZY???

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DH and I recently went away for a week. In preparation for the trip, I asked DH to make sure the skids could not use the garage code to get into the house. DH assured me that the code had limited access use and that DH used the last one.

So yesterday, skids come into the house using the garage door code. BM had picked them up from school and brought them to our home with their bags and sports equipment for their visit. I went fucking ballistic :jawdrop:

I was so angry and my mind was spinning, I couldn't sleep last night. So I ended up writing down all the things and I'm sure there is more, of what this crazy fucking bitch has done to me through words or actions.

1. Told the kids I am trying to “replace their mother”. (2006)

2. Told the kids to not hug or kiss me. (2007)

3. Told the kids to not say “I love you” to me.(2007)

4. Told the kids that I bribe them. (2010)

5. Has thrown away every item that I have given the kids. (anytime)

6. Has purchased coal for me, for the kids to give to me for Christmas. (2010)

7. Left messages on DH's voice mail telling him that I need to stay out of her children’s lives and attend to my own (2006).

8. Has taught the kids to say that my cooking smells or is disgusting. (on going)

9. Kids no longer will eat what is made or sit and have a dinner with us. (on going)

10. Has taught the kids to say that I am fat to my face. (2006 thru 2011)

11. Found BM standing in the living room of our home (6-21-2006).

12. Builder’s for the addition stated to me that BM was on the property, apparently posing as “Mrs. HadEnough”. (2006)

13. BM came over to the house and allowed the children ages 7,6 and 5 to step all over woodwork that was being stained by BM's sister. BM came over twice that day while we were at a festival and toured the inside of our home. (2006)

14. BM was found standing in our family room in 2006 by DH's oldest son (different mother). DH and I were not home.

15. BM was found sitting on an ottoman in our family room in 2010. DH found her there.

16. November 2012, I found an envelope of pre-written checks, on the tile floor in our family room, placed well inside the room, facing right side up and print facing so it could be read standing over it.

17. Has lied about diagnosis of pink- eye, in which I then contracted. Diagnosis was confirmed by pediatrician. (2010)

18. Has told the children to not acknowledge me at anytime. Confronted BM about one incident in 2008.

19. Bought Christmas pins for DH, the kids and herself for an event, deliberately excluded me. (2006)

20. Baked cupcakes, enough for DH and 3 kids, deliberately excluded me. (2007)

21. Our home was toilet papered by PAS'd SD12 and her friends. (2010)

22. American flag and Support Our Troops ornaments stolen from front yard, (Summer 2012, trial was Aug. 2012)

23. Tried to “shock” me with medical information regarding DH. (2006)

24. Has spoken about the “many” women DH dated before me, I'm just one of them.

25. Has spoken that DH wanted to be back with BM, while married to me.

26. BM tried to have a quote from transcript as a court order to have me “back off”

27. Stated in court while it was not in session that “she’s not suppose to be involved” (Turning around and looking at me)

28 Has ruined my relationship with SD, through lies, manipulation and deceit.

29. Has placed nails under my tires, my children’s tires and a friends tires by using her children, her brother or her own self. (9/2010 to 6/2013)

30. SD cracked my camper roof in two places (2011)

31. Told the court that “he has to live with her”, meaning DH had to deal with me.

32. Had the kids reciting “your not a part of our family” (2006 thru 2011)

33. Invited Baby Daddy #2 and DH to SD's award ceremony in school, deliberately excluded me (2012)

34. Has electronically noted in the children’s medical file that I can not bring or make appointments for the children and has the pediatrician’s office call her if I do. (2013) She has no medical rights for the skids, she lost them 2yrs ago!

35. Does not allow the kids to have my contact information in their cell phone. (2013)

36. Has kids stop attending church and church functions because of my involvement in the church. (ongoing)

37. Had SD tell me that "when Daddy divorces you…." (2007)

38. BM gave DH a digital picture frame as a Christmas gift from the "skids" with pictures of her holding the skids after their birth. (2006)

39. Called DH up saying I dropped off the skids bags in a pile of snow and a plow came bye and covered the bags. BM said she had to shovel the bags out. ( A LIE)

40. BM dropped off shoes to our home and left them in our living room (2013)

41. BM got Mini to have the therapist design a contract that prohibits DH from shares any information with me about their sessions. (2014)

42. BM lied in court that she had NEVER been inside my home. (2014)

43. BM rented a movie under DH's address and failed to return it. No notification until the bill went into collections. (2008)

44. BM and SD have called the police and had a DCF investigation.

45. The SUV is getting keyed. (2014)

8 years of this fucking crap! I told DH that if he can't understand WHY I want my house locked up when we are gone and the skids are to not have access, then I can stay home on trips. If I'm the one with "the problem" then I can stay home and keep the house secure.

DH isn't happy, but neither am I.


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DH awhile back gave the skids keys to the house. Something I was against because of the psycho bitch and her getting into our home. So I changed the locks. DH then programmed the garage door and didn't give me the code but said it had limited uses. Which still pissed me off and we are still arguing about it.

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You just reminded me of 2 more... We were investigated by DCF for abuse, no findings of course. And 7 police reports on us because we are such terrible people, with no findings there either!

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Yes!! I'm still contemplating outdoor surveillance. SO won't want to pay for it, or install it but I'm with you, this crazy emotional terrorist pisses me off and I'm ready to fight and take no prisoners as well.

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I agree with 'just wow' come down on her with the full force of everything at your disposal! police, civil court, restraining order the whole shabang!! I tried the 'dont let it get to u just ignore her' approach which made her think (mistakenly) that I could be manipulated. After having the police turn up at my door and drag me away bcos of her lies....i turned mama bear on her ass! I involved everyone I could police, social services, SS doctor, the school. I bombarded everyone with emails and phonecalls kept detailed logs with photographic evidence taped every abusive phonecall and stored every text until the tables turned and ppl started to take notice. She has been reduced to a snivelling wreck who rues the day she ever crossed me. One of my friends overheard her at the school crying to his teacher that she'd made a huge mistake and she should never have started this war....DAMN STRAIGHT!
It can be done hun, u have the right to protect ur family and ur property x

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Tryingtobecalm, I am so glad to hear this. My SO was pretty good about saving emails and texts from his crazy, not too much effort on that. But I really had to get on him about keeping a detailed log with times and dates about all of it including crazy's visits to our home.

So I ended up researching the stalking and harrassment laws. I found an example of a no contact/no tresspassing letter. And after crazy's recent visit, I asked him to just send the letter.

SO feels so defeated and he still questions why I bother documenting and photographing everything she leaves on our doorstep.

But I do it anyway. Both ex #1 and ex #2 (crazy) have called the cops on SO alleging some sort of domestic abuse. Fortunately he never got arrested. But I take all this stuff seriously.

Good on you and I hope more men and women on this site fight back like you have. It takes time and effort to build a case, but it is so necessary.

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This in my mind is a respect issue. If your DH respected you he would act differently. I think you need to get to the root cause of his actions because disregarding how you feel is not right. I don't know your back story but have you gone to counseling for this? At the moment I would start total war on HIS butt. My home is my place of sanctuary and I'll be dammed if that is ruined. He is completely in the wrong and there is no way that I would be vacationing and pretending like everything is okay when he clearly does not respect you. I am SO SORRY, this is appalling.

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DH told me, not that it's true. Since the skid opened it. I didn't go on vacation as if everything was ok, I just bought his "excuse" hook line and sinker, apparently. That's why this time, I won't go on vacation trips with him until this issue is fixed. When I told him, he wasn't happy. Oh well DH, which is more important my well being and security or your skids access into the house. BTW, the skids never asked for access to the house until recently. That's why I know it's BM working her way in!

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DH has been in court every year except for 2005 since their divorce in 2004. We have gone through 2 custody trials. The first one was to get more time with the skids. While preparing for the trial, they had a custody evaluation done, in addition to having a GAL (USELESS GAL). The forensic psychologist found that SD was 50% alienated and the SS's were 3% and 10% alienated.

At the end of the first trial, the Judge gave DH 50% custody and agreed that BM had alienated the children from DH. The Judge warned BM that if she continued to alienate the children, that more "surgery" would be done. BM continued to alienate the skids to the point life was unbearable. SD was OUT OF CONTROL, DH told SD she was no longer allowed at our home unless she could abide by our house rules.

The SS's continued to be alienated, so DH filed for full custody. We went back for an updated custody evaluation by the same Dr. This time.. SD was 100% alienated, the SS's 50% and 30%. The Dr. testified in court and said this was the fastest growing case of alienation he had seen in his 30 years of practice. A new Judge...DID NOTHING. Except for fining her for contempt.

We have been back to court 4 times since then. We've spent 150k in legal fee's and have been screwed from hell and back.

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As far as the doctor's office goes, why doesn't your husband pay them a visit and explain to them that they are violated his children's HIPA rights? Because their BM doesn't have legal custody of them and no rights to their medical things, she has no rights to their records or anything. They could get in serious shit if they're caught doing something they aren't supposed to.

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Swamp Hole has 50% custody with no medical rights. DH plans to make a visit to see the Dr. since she allowed to let Swamp Hole to increase SD's ADHD meds without DH's consent.