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BIG Interview Friday

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I have been kicked out of my home office so that my DD30 can give a presentation to a BIG International company. Their interview process is notoriously lengthy. There are 6 phases and within the last phase, six parts. The presentation and interview with a panel of interviewers is the final stage. She was required to write a research paper and turn in her presentation before this last bit.

She has been unemployed since the end of July 2023 and her confidence has been waning as the months passed by. If she gets this job, it will be a BIG deal and look amazing on her resume. She'll also work remote and be earning as much as dear old mom does - and I have a master's degree. But, I'll take it. It will be nice to see her confidence boosted AND for her to financial freedom. I also won't mind when she can help by paying part of the housing costs. It will help me to speed up the paying down of some debt I have.

We should find out on 2/27 after they finish all the interviews.

She just finished the interview and she doesn't think she did a good job. We'll see what they think.

She said she was very nervous and shaky. We'll see what they think. I think she has the raw ingredients that they can bake into something really wonderful. I hope they give her a shot.

Poor kid. She's beating herself up too much.

Anyway - please send some good vibes her way.




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Hoping for her best possible outcome!

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on their way.

Tell her that they expect you to be nervous.

My boss hired me when I was 18.  He told me a few years ago that I was the WORST interview he ever had to sit thru and he has interviewed a lot of people.

I was here for 11 years and then left to travel the country and sew my oats as he put it.  10 years later they called me and begged me to come back.  I have been here for 16 years (showing my age).

So let her know, she may not have felt that good about the interview, but they can see talent Smile

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Just going through that massively long process without a guarantee of anything speaks to her ambition and her work ethic. 

I hope she gets the job but she should also be proud of herself no matter what the outcome! 

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Sending her all the transatlantic positive vibes I can muster!

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Dear Lady,

I'll just pause in front of my laptop for a few minutes to transmit mucho positive vibes from the Great White North. (Think Scatman Crothers in 'The Shining'!) 

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I cried during my interview for my current job almost 23 years ago.  My boss and I still laugh about it.  I have occasion to hire people from time to time and I don't necessarily hire the most confident interviewee. 

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Thank you. I think they see a lot of potential in her. She's only been out of college since 2016, so she's not so set in her ways that they can't mold her into what they're looking for. She's a mechanical engineer and this job would have her interfacing with customers and presenting solutions for their engineering process issues. She's an attractive young woman who is well spoken, and she did an excellent job on the research paper and presentation, but she was quite nervous while giving the presentation. I think she has the base knowledge and the soft skills they are looking for. All the rest, they can develop in her. It's a great job. Fully remote with an excellent salary. I hope she gets it.

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Engineers!  Not many interview very well at all.  We tend to think that our brilliance should be obvious and our technical wizardry is what matters.  Our engineeric brains are beyond understanding to mere mortals.


Your DD's ME undergrad combined with her soft skills and being attractive will stand her well throughout her career.  

I am an EE myself.  When the Semiconductor bubble burst in the early 00s a crap ton of technology workers and engineers all got hit in RIFs ove the course of year.  I was in the first wave of RIFs at my then company.  The company was extremely supportive of those RIFd.  As a Sr. manager  they kept me on payroll for 8wks then I got 42weeks of severance and they carried the benefits for me and my family for 42wks. I was at the first grade code for the Sr Manager severence benefits.  At the level below where I was the severance was 1/2.  Severance was based on years of service and positional seniority.

The cleared out an office bldg and left all of the work stations active. That was the re-employement center. We had access to it for the duration of the severance weeks. They hired an outplacement services company that came in an taught interviewing, resume writing, search strategies, etc... Afte 3wks the outservice company hired me to teach all of the engineers the curriculum because I spoke "Engineer" and the full time consultants hated teaching resume writing, etc... to engineers.

Getting an engineer to write an engaging resume instead of a genious resume was a challenging thing.  I am an engineer but have been told that I am Rt brain thinker (Creative) while most engineers are Lft brain thinkers (Math and Logic).  Apparently, I can do both. So, I was hired to teach engineers how to market themselves to the gate keepers who tend to be recruiters, HR, and organizational admins. after I went through the training.

THe CFO of the company I just accepted an offer from commented a few times while we were talking that I was one of the best interviews he has ever had and unusual... "for an engineer".


Engineering has never been a passion for me. It was a calculated move to major in Engineering. My goal was to access the kinds of companies and organizations I was interested in working for. I added an MBA because all of the indicators were that an engineering undergrad with a business masters was a solid combination. For the most part, it has worked well for me.

Your DD will have a great career.  Sometimes it takes a minute to get to the traction point.  She sounds like a great candidate for a sales engineering role.  Those folks, can do extremely well financially.


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Positive outcome vibes in the ether for your DD's new job.

I just received  and accepted a verbal offer Friday AM.  They send me the written late Friday afternoon which was signed and returned Friday evening.  My first day at work with the new company is 8mos to the day after my last day at my previous company.