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FINALLY - good news Monday

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My DD30 has a job!!

She had a written job offer in-hand on Friday and was due to accept or decline today at 12:30. As she was about to hit "send" to let them know she was accepting she got an email from the big fancy company (remote job, more money) asking if she was free for a phone call. She let them know that her window was only the next 30 minutes. After 15 mins, she went ahead and sent the email accepting the offer from the small company. Big company called a few minutes later to let her know they went with someone else. *whew*

Her start date is 3/18 and she is going to try to make it work living here with me so she can save up money and rebuild her savings.

I told her that she is welcome here, and if the commute gets to be too much, she will have my support to move into a place closer to work. Thankfully, she saw what rent costs around here and decided it was better living with me and pay less than $800 a month than moving out and paying $1800 - $2200 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment.

Yay!! It's a relief and we'll be celebrating tonight with Korean BBQ and a bottle of bubbly.

Thank you all for the good vibes/prayers. She's so happy and I'm happy for her.


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That is fantastic!  Maybe her job will end up allowing some remote work.. even if only occasionally.  Enjoy that celebration!

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Those rent prices are very much the same here. But luckily I set us up for a nice morgage with nice rates (below what you pay for a studio or home share)

Congrats! It sounds like a smart move.

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I bought this house in 2021 with my DS33 because, as a first time homebuyer, he got a sweet rate and since this was a foreclosure, he got money towards settlement to the tune of about 8K. Naturally, I put the 20% down and the mortgage is $1300 a month. WAY cheaper than rent.

The housing market is rough in our area - houses get 20-30 offers for over the asking price. And rentals are hard to find and outrageous.

She's seen the light and will try to stay with me instead of moving out for as long as she can handle the commute. I had to remind her that her dad commuted 45 minutes each way the entire time she was growing up. It's not THAT BAD.

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Wonderful news for you both.

I get the frustration of a delayed response on a dream role followed by disappointing news.  I had that 2 weeks ago.  The dream role went to the other person they were considering.  Disappointing but at this stage of my career not surprising and not as big of deal as it would have been much earlier in my career.

Two Mondays ago my phone rang. It was an internal recruiter from a pre IPO company looking for a Sr. manager.  Sure, I'll talk.  An hour screening interview with the recruiter.  They scheduled a Teams interview with the Director for the next day. Scheduled for an hour. Tuesday AM the Teams interview started. 15minutes in and the Director asked if I could be on site the next day. Yep, I sure can.  End of teams interview 45mins early.  I headed to the site the next afternoon (Wednesday) and met with the COO, CFO, and peers to the role they were discussing with me.  What was supposed to be 2hrs on site turned into 6 hrs.  They told me they would give me a call on Friday.  Friday, the internal recruiter I spoke with on Monday called and made me a verbal offer. I accepted.  They told me to be on side on Monday and send the signed offer back by Sunday.  They also said that due to the accelerated onboarding that things would be very disjoined for my first two weeks.

So here I am. Monday of week 2.   Now to get the three year vesting scheudle on my pre-IPO stock grant and .... through a successful IPO.

Sometimes, the dream role does not happen for a reason.

Please tell your DD to enjoy her new opportunity.

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Grand news, dear lady! I'd like to think that all of our positive vibes had some effect on the employer's decision! It's also great that your daughter has decided to stay with you for awhile; until you heal from your 'splitting up' trauma, it'll be nice to have her company. Give rose

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Thank you. I'm doing well. I'm progressing through my grief. I had a bout last week of missing him terribly for a couple of days, but I've moved past that. It doesn't matter how much I miss him, he's clearly not the right person to love me the way I need to be loved - not half-heartedly or with uncertainty. I require an all-in kind of love from someone who wants to help make my life easier in the way I want to make his life easier. So, it's futile to pine for him. I don't think he's going to change. He tried. I'll give him that. But, he's either just going to continue doing what he does or maybe he'll meet someone who can inspire him to do better. I couldn't. I seriously doubt he will ever change because he didn't seem to treat his beloved late wife very well. If he didn't learn a lesson from that, he's unteachable.