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OSS stb 27 Has Rejoined a Band

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Backstory:  this was the skid (Pumpkinhead) who was sent to Camp ROC Star every year by the Girhippo until he aged out and was told he was going to be a rock star as a vocation by the Girhippo and her clan.

He ended up working in a low rent grocery store (same one as AlmostGone's Little Idiot)  and now has some sort of greeter office job for the local Arc.   He did get married and buy a house about 20 minutes away from us but of course he still remains completely alienated due to scorched earth PAS.

The name of the band has a rodent in it.  LOL!  And if you put a "B" in front of said rodent's name, you get a noun for spoiled, entitled skid.


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An overweight version of the no soul meme kid with a man bun of course.

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Yes, some poor naive girl who doesn't know any better. 

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Well, at least all those sessions at band camp or whatever paid off??? *ROFL*