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Pretty Sure Pumpkinhead ((OSS stb 26) Is Moving

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To our county.  He and his fiancee of 2 yrs are about 25 min away in the county north of us (where we used to live 16 yrs ago and where our current rental property is).  His old job was in that town but now he has a job at our county's ARC.  The odds of me running into him on my job is relatively high (thank goodness I'm retiring in 2.5 months). 

I noticed his fiance (who also works in the northern part of our county at a daycare chain) has been downsizing extensively on FB marketplace.  They may have found out that the rents here are MUCH higher than the county they're in now.  She mentioned she is selling lots of large furniture "because we are moving."  Of course the odds of running into them now will be much higher (shopping, etc)

And the Girhippo's county is just east of ours.  The Animal Torturer (SD 24) already lives in our county.   I thought I saw her the other day driving in the opposite direction!

Still no knowledge whether or not the HousesHitter (YSS 19.5) moved in with the Gir when SHE recently moved in May to a much smaller house in Girhippoville,  which if not, would be an emancipation event.   (CS goes to 21 in NYS)


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Any chance that at 26. 25 & 19 they can act like normal relatives who you only see infrequently?  Polite, civil and on to living their lives without impacting you? ( I think I know the answer).

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YSS was heard saying  To Mr. Not so neutral that he "wanted to beat chef's ass if he ever saw him again."   This from a kid who PASed out at age 7 and was shown nothing but a good time when he was at our house.  

 Which would be a physical impossibility because Chef is built like a brick shit house and has worked construction/ physical jobs all his life.   My grown DS, who is quite tall and very much in shape due to the Air Force, described Chef as having gorilla strength.


 I had the most hope for OSS as the Gir and Chef actually attempted to parent him but they stopped as soon as SD came along.

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You know the hold group is dysfunctional.  Nothing is going to change.  Pumpkinhead Will move out, can't afford it especially if not working.  He will move back home.  For a few years.  He will become a professional couch surfer.  Suffering from couch to any one's couch he can get to.

Important not to let him in your home.  Or he will take over your couch forever.  Nothing better free food, internet ,  

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OSS has been working pretty steady but they are learning that life is not a bowl of cherries as the Gir had them believe.