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Hey, Cover1W!

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Yo, Sweetie,

Not to be intrusive, but how is Ms kitty-cat doing? You have both been in my thoughts as I recall that your veterinarian is making a house call this morning. My fingers and toes are firmly crossed, Cover! Have you been obliged to compromise your vacation plans?

There is so much joy in being a pet lover yet we must also accept their brief, beautiful life spans. Many (((((HUGS))))) from one who has been there and done that. ❤️


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Oh my gosh, thanks for asking.

She's holding her own.  Vet came for a home visit today and was acually pleased with how she's doing. We're going to add in some speciifc arthritis meds (as she was limping a bit this morning and vet could see that) in addition to her pain meds and get her some B12 of her bigger issues now is likely anemia.  We'll do a blood test to confirm that.  She agreed it's mostly about keeping her comfy moving foward.

Vet is certain that the changes will help her greatly, then we can add in a quick sub-q treatment every other day or so (via syringe rather than hanging bag) and that will make her more comfy too but avoid the heavy duty sub-q treatment which I don't want to do.

Kitty started vomiting her food about once a day, the last couple days, so we're working on that too - it's a newer food so her body may be rejecting it but she loves it and doesn't want to go back to her previous food. ugh.

Vet gave me the all clear to go on my vacation, the pet sitter can administer the meds no problem and if anything comes up she can call my vet.  I feel better, kitty is doing better on new food as long as she's keeping it down most of the time, and it's a relief.

DH also bought me a glorious almond crossaint as a treat this morning.

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But I gained some pandemic pounds I'm trying to shed.  

I'm so glad the vet was able to figure out help for kitty.  Furbabies are the just the best.

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I'm glad to hear kitty is holding her own.  We have an 18 year old kitty holding her own too!

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Yup, Dawn,

And I’m convinced that the older our pets get, the more we love them. Sigh. My girl was in her seventeenth year when she crossed over the rainbow bridge and I’ll never forget the kindness of friends/family who empathised with phone calls, cards and emails. 

 Our pets are family members in the truest sense and the very idea of their loss is devastating. Cover, your veterinarian sounds like a keeper! She deserves a souvenir of your trip, at the very least. 'eh?