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SS13 is always Tired...reason could be ????

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For the last couple of years and Progressively worse the last 9 months. SS13 will complain he's tired at night but can't fall asleep for hours. School nights he goes to bed at 9:30 but almost always falls asleep after midnight. There is NO TV or Electronics in his room so that's not it.

The last two months SS13 has been doing school full remotely because he says he's to tired to go to school. He has friends at school he likes to see and can't see otherwise and he's not being picked on. SS13 is not allowed to play video games during the day so that's not the reason he wants to say home. 

On the weekends he will stay up later, sometimes midnight BUT will sleep till afternoon and still be tired. That's over 12 hrs in bed. He's not faking as he LOOKS tired with no energy to do anything even fun things. To get him outside to run around is near impossible. He will say he's to tired. All he wants to do is lay around playing on the Xbox. 

So what are common reasons teens have a hard time falling asleep which results in being super tired???

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My DD15 is a terrible sleeper and has been since before birth.  Her anxiety makes it tough for her to go to sleep.  Depression, C-PTSD, or a host of other mental health issues would do the same.

My Skids sleep terribly at their mother's house and then come to us exhausted.  SS11 has an 830 bedtime when he's here, as a result. SS16 comes home from visits to her house (DH is primary for him, but not SS11) exhausted.  He says he doesn't sleep well there.

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I agree with the PPs. Your DH should schedule an doctor appointment for a physical and blood tests. See what pops up before settling on any type of treatment.

Also, does your SS get enough exercise? Does he have opportunities to get outside and exert himself?

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I would schedule a sleep study is he overweight. He could have sleep apnea.

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My SD  , 14 ish at the time, was running cross country and was tired all the time.  I coached DH into getting blood work done and found out she was low in iron.  Started taking it and tweaked her diet. She bounced back and shared with her teammates.  A few of them were low in iron too.   Would not have happened if the blood work wasn't done.  Get him to the doctor.  

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Depression comes to mind. I also agree with the comment about being anemic. That was the case with my SD, and I figured it out - forcing my DH to take her to the pediatrician after missing 3 days of school while her mom had her .....But this kid seems to have a plethora of other medical issues too (my SD). She also lies in bed all day watching RV or on her phone, but she does face to face school. 

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Depression, anxiety, insomnia, sleep disorder, thyroid issues, slow-growing cancer - take your pick. There are a lot of different reasons why he may be tired, and it may not be a singular reason. Only way to find out for sure it to take him to the doctor to get it resolved. If his primary doctor won't address it, get a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinion until someone addresses it.

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So SS13 does go to the doctors and sees a Psychiatrist who orders bloodwork.  I think SS13 may have been slightly Anemic at one point but don't think the doctors were concerned since no one did anything. 

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I use the Costco store brand (Kirkland) Sleep Aid.  Works great.  When I hit a phase where I am battling insomnia I take one (or two) at about 8PM and I am figthing to keep my eyes open by 9:30.

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I take this too, along with Costco's chewable melatonin. Works well for me ... most of the time.

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Make sure he's drinking plenty of fluids and eating regular meals. It's amazing how much your body feels with water and protein. My teenage nephews forget to drink and eat when they play hours of Xbox. Get him to a doctor for a check up anyway.