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My home has become a ghost town, I think I'm lonely.

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My husbands work load has gone through the roof. He often gets home around 11pm or midnight. Even on the days he comes home earlier he crashes & I'm alone even when he's here. I'm working a shift that has me leaving the house early & alas that means I need to fall asleep early.

My SS19 is to college in the day & then goes to work directly after. He usually gets home around midnight daily.

Finally SS17 is around some of the time, but when he's here he sure likes to be on his computer. We do take time to share a tea or two daily. We have a close relationship. We also have our disagreements as well like the ex GF14, thank goodness that's over.

I guess I've gotten used to company. Hey guess what? hubby's home, I want to spend some time with him so I'm gone.