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Follow up to yesterday

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I am just going to copy and paste the email and response from our attorney...



Since I am nosey as hell I made some calls today to the hospitals stating I needed itemized invoices for our supplemental insurance.


BM specifically stated to ______ Memorial Hospital that they are not to release any information to DH or I.


SS's rural Hospital Billing let it slip that he is still receiving physical therapy there, but then realized what she said and had to go talk to her supervisor who will only release information to BM. I offered to send in the custody agreement and have DH call them back and they said that it didn’t matter which makes me believe that she did the same thing there.


Soo… there is that. Lawyer, if she doesn’t go to jail- I might.

Our Lawyer:

You do not want to be stuck in the SS's County Jail in December, trust me. I will do what I can, but I know we are all aware of the judge’s predisposition in not sending her to jail. However, I, as I always do, will make the argument that she should.


Have I mentioned how much I hate this  B**ch!?!??!! I hate getting all spun up in the weeks before court but seriously!! She was served contempt paperwork BEFORE these hospital visits! She knows one of the things on there is about her refusal to disclose medical information! She won't even 'pretend' right before court! 


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Please tell me how a Medical Facility can deny the father information, with the proof in writing custody order AND fact he carries the insurance!

WTF! I'm beyond mad and honestly dropping the rope if she doesn't go to jail would be the only thing I could do to save both your and your DH sanity. She keeps being wrong and keeps getting away with it. It's so so wrong. 

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EXACTLY!!! Their CO specifically states that they have joint medical and medical making decisions. It is DH's insurance she used. I get them not giving it to me off the bat, usually we have to send a form over for them to authorize me, but he should not be allowed to be denied any information. 

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Half of me says push the issue have your DH fill out the request for medical records. Make that place put in writing the denial and then sue their MF'n A$$ off. 

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When DH dropped the rope with kids and surrendered his rights, BM admitted in court she doesn't share medical info with him when the judge tried to chastise him for not know what antidepressants ALL of his kids are on. Some of these meds BM only gave them at her house, they didn't come with the kids to our house. Ss meds were always changing and never came in labeled containers. 

This particular judge likes to align with the nut case parent.  

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This is literally the last time we will go to court. If he doesn't come out after- oh well. If she doesn't get held accountable- we quit. If she DOES get held accountable- still not going back again if she does something else. 

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Can your DH address the hospital directly and explain to them that they'll be in hot water if they refuse to comply with the CO? If I were him, I might even contact a fathers' rights group to make it public ... 

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I am going to have him call when he gets off work and see if they give him the same run around. 

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Get him to put the fear of dog into them by threatening to sue them for discrimination, sexism, unlawful witholding of vital information, all the words that will make them cringe.

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Get all of the documentation that you can for the judge.  If it doesn't work, then I agree that just stepping away is best.  Sad.

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I agree that this should be your last trip to court and then let it go, none of this is worth your mental health. Let BM think she "won". I'm sure BM here thought she "won", too, now she's saddled with a Failure to Launch almost 21-year-old who will undoubtedly still be nursing from her boobs financially 10 years from now.  Meanwhile, my DH doesn't even really want much of a relationship with SS, since BM has turned him into a narcissistic jerk like her.

Let it go and move on - the kid will come back around eventually, even it's not for 10 years. They generally do. Let the medical stuff go, it will only enrage you to find out she took him to the hospital for made up crap.