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PASed out SKID Update

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So as I'm sleuthing social media with my faux accounts (like to keep track of the "other shoe" dropping) the updates are:

Pumpkinhead (OSS 24) is engaged.   His financer (Young Doctor Frankenstein joke)  has an actual career whereas Pumpkinhead is a stock clerk at a low rent grocery store.

The HousesHitter (YSS stb 18 still on the payroll until 21)  has deleted all his social media accounts!!  He is still chronically truant and failing every course in his senior year except for Varsity Chorus.  Still reading and doing math at a 4th grade level.  I'd put his name in for military service but I don't want to be that cruel to the armed forces.

The Animal Torturer (SD 22) just reminisces about her "fun" days 7-9 years ago.

The Girhippo's runaway cat still is missing (good for kitty to escape her  and HousesHitter's abuse/neglect!)

And the ever suffering StepDaddyBigBuck's daughter has gotten married.  I believe she lives quite far away so no karma for the Girhippo.


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the kitty and StepDaddyBigBucks Daughter....The rest seem to be permanent residents.  

Only three more years for your DH unless HouseShitter emancipates himself, because the magic 8 ball says NO to will he go to college.