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Thirteen Years

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Since the HousesHitter YSS (19.5) PASed out for good as of yesterday. Totally zero contact.   And I don't miss him one iota!  He was stb 7 yrs old when the Girhippo and her fam poisoned his mind (and his two older siblings a year earlier) for good.   


Fast forward to today.  Via social media, I see he is most likely working at one of the local manufacturing plants, the Gir downsized to a new house even CLOSER to her clan (didn't think that was possible other than to move in with them) and who knows if the HousesHitter moved in to the downsized house? 

I guess I will find out soon as the PI is supposed to be working on the case this week.  Of course, being NYS, the Gir is STILL on the CS gravy train until he turns 21 (unless he actually no longer lives with her).

Oddly enough yesterday and today I am working in the building across the driveway of where Pumpkinhead (OSS stb 26) works!  About 50 feet away.


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CS until they are 21 wtf? As you can tell I am not in the loop with that ridiculousness. Children become adults at 18 why in the ever loving (cursy words) is child support being paid past 18....... That is beyond my comprehension. 

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Peoples Republic of NYS where kiddults can remain on their parent's health insurance until up to age 29 (26 is usually the cut off)  NYS does its best to infantalize adults and CS still goes on through age 21 automatically (longer in some cases if kiddies go to uni)

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"Peoples Republic of NYS" lolololol seriously, anytime there's a dumb new government initiative/policy, you can always count on NY to not only be the first to sign up but also take it 10 steps further than everyone else