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I Hired a PI

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to find out if the HousesHitter (YSS stb 20) moved in to the new, downsized house with the Gir and StepDaddyBigBucks.

He is supposedly working full time at a local manufacturing plant (the same plant my new tenant works for--she has an office job though).  If moved out, we can FINALLY cut the Gir off the payroll after almost two decades!

As a reminder, CS goes to age 21 here.  

This wouldn't be the first time that the Gir tried to collect $$$ when not legally entitled to.   Pumpkinhead (OSS stb 26 who got married on Saturday) moved out at age 19 and the Gir said nothing, but was mad when I proved the event via social media screenshots.

She owned up to Animal Torturer (SD stb 24) emancipating (after the fact, of course) but she may have returned to her old ways.   Then there was the braces incident, the fake daycare receipts from BattleAxe Galactica, and the photoshopped W2 but I digress.  Hmmmm.


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Yes hoping you can get proof of his moving out! This state is ridiculous when it comes to CS being paid until 21! I'm surprised it's not 30, the way NY operates. The only good thing that came out of the Coast Guard fiasco is that Little Idiot emancipated herself at 18 even though she was only in boot camp for a few days.

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So thusly there's no way she would let any of the skids go into the military.  You are lucky LI went to bootcamp, then dropped out... didn't even recycle LOL.

Don't give NY any ideas or Hochul will extend it to 30!

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The Girhippo must hate you, lol. She knows her ex isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, and that it must be you who sees through her games.

Hope your detective gets the evidence you need to finally turn off the money faucet. There's something distasteful about requiring an alienated parent to continue paying support for adults.

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Good luck!  Geez child support ended for me the day my kid turned 18.  Zero help from biodad for college. 

My boyfriend's youngest son was attending some sort of reform school high school/juvenile detention center facility.   He wasn't even living with BM but my idiot boyfriend kept paying her child support. Prior to this BM broke the child custody decree and the kid was living with my boyfriend 24/7.  Again the idiot paid her child support because he was afraid he'd end up back in court and have to pay more $$ because his business had done well.

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As the CSP (Sparent married to the CP), it was beyond irritating when the SpermClan would motion for my income to be factored into CS calculation to get the Spermidiot's CS lowered. Though SParent income cannot be factored into CS in SpermLand courts, there is a Judge's discretion caveat that allows the idiots in the black Harry Potter robes slinging the pre-school Fisher-Price wooden hammers to apply an income reduction credit to the NCP if "a step parents provides a significant income that artificially inflates the SKids standard of living in the CP house hold."  So.... the DipShitiot had his income lowered by $1000/mo for CS calculation purposes because I am not a POS.


Not that it mattered. We never needed his pittance in CS. The $1000/mo income reduciton only dropped the max possible CS by $50/mo.   Though future court hearings is where it got fun.  As my bride finished her BS, her MBA, passed the CPA exam and grew a very succesfful high income career... his CS kept going up. That is the beauty of the Income Shares calculation method.  CS is set by the combined joint income of the BioParents and the NCP then has to pay based on that combined income divided according to parenting time.  My DW had full physical and legal custody and the Spermidiot only had 7wks of visitation per year. So... as my bride made more and more money, the Spermidiot had to pay more in CS. 

To make it even more fun, we hired a PI who found that he was living rent free in a SpermGrandParent owned rental property, he paid zero of his own CS and it was paid by the SpermGrandParents, and... he was working under the table ripping off his employer doing cash plumbing jobs on the side for the customers of the plumbing company he worked for.

We rolled all of  htis out at a CS review hearing.  They or course once again mitioned for my income to be included in calculating CS.  So we countered with a motion that since he was supported by his parents, they paid his CS (on all 4 of his all out of wedlock kids by three different baby mamas) their income should be added to his for CS calculation purposes. The Judge agreed to consider that motion. SpermGrandHag and SpermGrandPa nearly stroked out on that one.


Ultimtely our motion was denied, but.... CS still went up by ~600%.  Combined with his getting his ass bared by the Judge for physically running form the Constable who was serving him the summons for the CS review hearing because he refused to reply to the hearing notification, DW and I had a great day in court that day.

CS ends at 18 in SpermLand... unless the Skid is a full-time college student in good standing with their college/university.  In whick case CS stands through age 21 not ending until the Skid's 22nd birthday.  The difference being from age 18-22 CS goes directly to the Skid and no longer goes to the CP.  Against my advice, SS forgave that CS obligation period. He bought into the guilt trip that they could not afford to feed his three younger also out of wedlock half sibs.

Meanwhile back at the ranch and 12 years later, he recognizes that manipulation.  He is kicking ass in life. Spawn #2 is on the dole, #3 is in prison, and # 4 will be incarcerated soon.  The two younger ones are hell bent on living the Spermidiot's gang-banger wannabe fantasies and will be the ones to suffer as the Spermidiot could not qualify to join the Crips or Bloods. As was his goal in life.  His youngest two are bi-racial and sadly will have their lives ruined by their efforts to live the Spermidiot's dreams of hoodlum greatness.



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Beaver was sponging..I mean living with Beaver SR and Mr. Beaver SR.. and demanded that my income be used in the CS calculations since DH was married and living with me.  I went nuclear over that one..and told the Judge that was fine..but I wanted a continuance to hire my own attorney and I would be petitioning for a forensic accountant to review Beaver's finances and I would be seeking enjoin Beaver SR and Mr. Beaver SR in the proceedings to add their income/assets to calculations of CS.  (Beaver SR and Mr. Beaver SR had some cash/assets).

The Judge politely told Beavers attorney..they had two choices either drop my income from the calculations with prejudice or she would grant my motions for a continuance and would require a forensic accounting for, Beaver, DH, Me and Beaver Sr and Mr. Beaver. 

After 20 minutes or so...Beaver dropped her claim to my income and we never heard from it again.

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sometime shortly after 2008 to include EVERY member of the NON custodial party and what they might bring in.  This would include if you had a bio that had a paper route!  Or if your elderly parent was living with the NCP family and bringing in Social Security.  It was all fodder for consideration to the extent that it supposedly LOWERED the amount of living expenses the NCP bioDAD had to pay, thus freeing up more "disposable" income to be spent on the holy failed first family.

I made photocopies of the original form that didn't ask for other NCP household members income (such as myself)  and used them instead.

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Currently CS is the equivalent of a car payment.  It was 4-5 times that amount in the beginning for the first 10 yrs.  We have probably thrown away a third to a half mil when all is said and done.  That's an awful lot for three damaged, disfunctional and estranged for over 13 yrs now adult children.  Especially since Chef is strictly low-middle class blue collar.

It wouldn't surprise me however if he moved on in with the Gir and SDBB as he often posts anti-work and anti-establishment memes.

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Please let us know what your PI finds.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I feel your pain,,,,, I really REALLY do.



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Girhippo Wil not miss a beat.  She may have to dust off the soup truck.  Not clean it too much work. Just dust it off. 

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well she sold it a couple years ago.   She now has a cushy job with the local VA.

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because a new owner now owns the former Girhippo Lair.   I wouldn't want to be them.  The extermination and fumigation bill must have been enormous especially in the HousesHitter's old room!

I can only hope he moved in with the Animal Torturer (SD stb 24) they were fairly close and of a hive mind when beer bonging the PAS koolaid.