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GWR, SD and B*r...what will B*r guess is NADA and do I tell DH

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SD and GWR (aka SS) go to the same high school now.  SD is Freshman and GWR should be a senior but failing classes and dropping out of the automotive program make him....a pseudo Sr...who knows.

At any rate..GWR is at the high school with SD.  Apparently, today GWR thought it would be Hilarious to give out SD's phone number to his friends and tell everyone that SD would be happy to give BJ's to everyone.  SD's phone blew up with random text and calls from people she doesn't know, etc.  One of SD's friends older sisters clued SD in on GWR's shenannigans.  SD was MORTIFIED.

SD didn't tell me or Mr. Halo since we have 0 control over GWR since he no longer graces us with his presence.  She did however text Beaver.  At first Beaver didn't believe SD at all.  GWR would NEVER do that.  Yea well SD texted GWR and he confirmed that he did indeed do that.  SD forwarded GWR's text messages to Beaver.  

All Beaver could say she would talk to GWR about giving out SD's number with out her consent.  WTF...Beaver....

SD told Beaver she should take his phone, car keys and PS4.  Plus, SD blocked GWR from her phone.  All Beaver could say was that GWR thought it was funny and that he was sorry.

My guess Beaver will not do anything to the golden child GWR and will tell SD she is just being too sensitive.  

Question is I tell DH?  I find these things out because I troll SD's phone, ipad, etc...she can be somewhat less than trust worthy regarding homework and things that she posts to tik tok etc.  SD knows that DH and I will radomly troll her phone.

If I tell DH he will want to send a message to Beaver..but that will do NADA and he has no control over the GWR.

I am inclined to randomly call the school to let them know since this is harassment.  Other than that I would like to beat the ever loving crap out of GWR...who the f*ck does that to their sister




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SD can tell the girls that GWR has herpes. Some freakish thing on his body, like an extra nipple or tail stump. Some embarrassing hygiene habit of his. Anything and everything to cut his street cred.   Something of equal value of the damage he did to her.  Let her teach him not to mess with her again. She will have to deal with him for a long time.  Have fun with it.  ( said sister to a shithead brother) 

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I don't know what The acronym GWR means but is this is full sister? Or step? I'm a bit confused

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This is what I call SS since he wants to be a rapper. SD is his full sister.  

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Wow I can't believe he did that to his own sister.  Not only would I report his pathetic a$$ to the school, but I would report him to the police as well for sexual harassment of a minor.  See how funny he finds it when the cops come knocking on the door and Beaver can't beat her tail enough to get them off her lawn. 

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If the school calls her in, will SD confirm or deny the complaint on the report line? 

Once the school has the report and confirms it, in most places they notify the parent. So if neither SD or you tell him beforehand, the school will. If there is a chance SD knows you know, I'd tell DH.

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Could also anonymously report it to the police too. At the rate GWR was handing his sister’s number out it could be any concerned parent giving the cops a heads up. 

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Let the principal tell him.  Do not protect this man from his children's sibling war.  

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That boy needs the cr@p beaten and kicked out of him, preferably by his peers. What a complete waste of oxygen to do that to his sister.

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I don't know any boys who can even stand to think of their sister performing a sex act, much less talk about it publicly. Something is seriously off with that kid (as if you don't already know that). I feel awful for your SD. It would be bad if anyone did that to her, but her own brother? Yikes.

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Yes. I'd never keep secrets from DH about his own kids. He'd be angry if he found out I did. Why wouldn't you?

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School Resource Officer? If so report the little bastard. He can confiscate the phone(s) and get the proof and handle from there. This is HIGHLY offensive and BEAVER makes me sick, she is teaching her daughter it is okay to be treated like this and the "boys" get a pass. Please make him pay with the unbiased person (SRO or principal or whomever) being the one to drive the point this is unacceptable since obviously Beaver doesn't respect anyone including herself enough to handle this appropriately. 

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and I have reported it..but I will see about reporting it to the office as well.  

Beaver is a WASTE of space and hair dye.