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Well that is about SS...aka The Great White Rapper (GWR)

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An update on SS...aka GWR..who peaced out and went to Beaver's house little over a year ago.

GWR...apsires to be a the next Great White Rapper...despite not knowing a lick about music, can't pay any instruments, mumbles when he speaks (drives me INSANE) and has a limited grasp on the English language.  GWR also has no desire to learn any music, instruments or the English languge.  Not to mention in addition to the mumbling he speaks...SLLLOOOOOOWWWWWLLLY, like Beaver.

Our school systems offers a program where a student can attend high school in the morning and a trade school in the afternoon.  Cool....I'm all for the trades despite having two degress, etc.  My own father was a welder for 40+ years (taught me to weld), my uncle a pipe fitter and my other uncle an Electrician.  Needless to say, my family is all about the trades...

GWR's "friend"...decided he wanted to do the construction track of this program.  Good for him...probably a good choice for this kid.  GWR then decided he wanted to do the automotive track.   ***RECORD SCRATCH***..SAY WHAT.  We were shocked to say the least....GWR has never picked up a tool ever.....doesn't like to get his hands dirty and is allergic to anything that requires "work".  Needless to say, we were/are skeptical about this.  DH, however, said..ok cool..that is what you want to do, go for it.

SS talked about how once he finishes this program  he would make 100K a year as a mechanic right out of high school...blah, blah, blah.  Okay..GWR.

So SS starts this program and his uncle procures him a job at a local car dealership as a porter.  Basically he runs cars back and forth and washes the cars.  Before, he peaced out we had to hear all about this job.  It was the best..he was making $12 an hour and basically lording this over the other kids..including SD who was 13 at the time and couldn't get a job if she wanted to.

This job was the best and they would move him into a mechanic job, etc.  OK...great.

So..he is working this job...and doing the program.  However, the automotive program is harder than he thought.  SD....our mole tells us that GWR is having issues doing the automotive work.  GWR is also having trouble getting himself up and to work.  He is constantly late.  Not surprised..none of them, Beaver, GWR or SD are punctual.  Totally bugs the bejezus out of DH..who is a if you are ontime you are late guy (Thank you NAVY for that).

I see through GWR's email (yes I still have access..he isn't smart enough to change the password)...SS has applied to PetsMart for a job.  INTERESTING.......

Now lets run down the possibilites.

1. GWR has gotten fired

2.  GWR is on the verge of getting fired and wants to have a job lined up.

3.  GWR needs a second job as Beaver is now requiring GWR to pay for his own clothes, tollietries, etc.

4.  GWR needs another job as he is going to quit HS and start working full time.   (In which case CS for GWR will end as he is 18)

Taking bets on which it guess its number 2 and 3....


Why 2 and 3...

SD has remarked several times that GWR cannot make it ontime to work.  He keeps oversleeping.  His uncle can only shield him for so long (Uncle does oil changes at the dealership and Uncle's friends is a manager in the repair shop at the dealership).

GWR likes high end clothes and shoes..Beaver is not about pay for that.  It would interfere with her nail appointments, starbucks coffee and booze.

DH remarked the other day that even though he is paying a small amount more for GWR to remain with Beaver full time..he is actually saving money.  DH used to buy ALL of GWR's clothes and shoes.  GWR likes to look sharp....the latest Nikes, Gucci this and Gucci that, Supreme this and Supreme that.  Dh would oblige since he himself was not able to have anything like that since his Dad was/is an alcoholic and gambler.   He wanted his kids to have the thing he didn't and he could afford it.  DH still buys SD her clothes and shoes....but not GWR.   DH figures he is saving at least 2-3k a year buy NOT buying for GWR.

What's your guess???


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I think that GWR is too lazy to get second job, even for new clothes.

I think he has either gotten fired (and Beaver doesnt want to support him and give up her nails) or he knows that he will soon get fired...

BOTH Feral Forger SD21 and Munchkin SD14 are musically inclined, however Feral Forger was never that interested in lessons because, thats too much work and she only wants to do what she wants to do. I was talking about this with Munchkin last night. Feral Forger got a keyboard when young because she was in love with Justin Beiber. Then she got this old piano, and would play horribly - on purpose - when she was ready to go on an outing and we were not ready yet. Banging on the keys, wailing. Suffice it to say, last year we got rid of it, after 3 years of no one playing on it, and Feral Forger is not allowed at our house any longer...

Then she got an acuistic guitar (thank GOD!) and then an expensive ukelele from her grandparents on Toxic Trolls side. She left that behind when she moved out to her mothers and Munchkin took that over and put stickers all over it (yuk, I hate stickers, and the gorgeous wood is all covered up) but she sounds way better than her sister on it singing.

Feral Forger, according to munchkin then got an electric guitar from her grandparents and unfortunately she puked on it, bled on it from peircing herself, and dripped soda and food on it, leaving it on the floor as part of the carpet. WELL, the person who sold it wanted to buy it back as it had sentimental value to them, and the grandparent asked about it, offering a replacement, but, whoops it disappeared...into the dumpster as no one wanted to clean the puke and blood off of it.

Munchkin, started with the violin the past few years, going from cheap to expensive, and floats around the ukelele she stole, er, kept, singing beautiful harmonies that would entrance usat the firepit. Her new thing that she wants is a BASS, a guitar bass, to harmonize with her BFF who just got a guitar.

LOL. Im waiting for the Next Big Thing. Dh always would tell me about Feral Forger and her great talent. "She was going places". Funny I dont here that anymore...

and too bad that Munchkin has to follow in those footsteps. I do see some great things ahead for her.

SS GWR ? hmmmm. He will next be a veterinarian because hes discovered "Tiger King".

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I dont know but look on the bright side, it does sound like he is making some kind of a plan.  It might be a dumb plan but we read about so many kids his age who just hole up in their rooms and play games.  Whatever his dumb plan is, he will learn something from it and maybe his next plan will be less dumb.

I know how hard it is as a parent to watch these mistakes play out (especailly when they have good examples at home).

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He's so like my SS20 - right down to forgetting to change his password! DH used to check his email periodically. (Side note: since we knew his password for his email that BM set up for him when he was around 11, we knew that she signed DH up for a swinger's site, because she used the same password! Good times). 

At least your SS has a job. Mine has been sitting on his ass for over a year doing nothing.

I say #5 - the grass is greener elsewhere, or so he thinks. And now he wants to be a vet, not a mechanic.

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up their ex for swingers sites, cheating sites, dating sites,   etc.  Dh used to get flooded with that crap. He couldn't figure it out...finally I realized after seeing the user id that was used...that is was Beaver using Dh's old standard user id.  DH changed his email address and used the new one for all his business and personal needs.  He kept the old one just to see what crap Beaver would sign him up for.  To this day, she is still at it. 

We get a laugh at seeing what all she signs him up for.

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Can I take option 6.? GWR is getting a second job to afford his face tattoo? All the high end kids are doing it!

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This whole thing made me laugh. Trades are sold as "less than" or an easier pathway, but those programs can be difficult, especially if you don't have a natural aptitude for those types of things. 

Sounds like GWR has a realistic view of life (LOL), so I'm sure he's now decided he wants to be a veterinarian and PetSmart is his fast track into that field. Maybe he'll get stuck cleaning out the hamster cages. 


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wasn't going to be easy.  My dad taught us girls (me and my sister) how to work in cars.  I knew it would be hard and GWR there never had ANY interest in cars other than he wanted Maserati because the it looked cool.  

So..not surprised he is struggling.

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I'm glad you told him that. My stepdad also was a mechanic. I don't think people fully appreciate what a physical job it is, or how much knowledge, perseverance, and problem solving ability is required.

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its a lot of problem solving.  GWR can't solve his way out of a paper bag.  smh

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My dad started his professional career as a mechanic and succeeded because he was a) interested in cars and how they worked since he was in primary school; b) had a natural mind for engineering and problem-solving. His neighbor owned a gas station and he just started showing up at age 12 and doing what needed to be done without getting paid, so his neighbor eventually put him on the payroll and taught him / gave him learning opportunities until he started working on his own as a mechanic in high school before going on to work as an airplane mechanic in the military. 

DH is an electrician and works with many grown adults who are stuck being "material handlers" on construction sites because they can't pass the entrance exam to get into the 5-year apprenticeship program. The hourly pay differential between material handlers and journeyman wireman is over $30 per hour, so there's a fairly significant difference over the length of an entire career. DH often muses that maybe he will encourage SSs to go into the electrical apprenticeship, but a) I don't think either of them could get in and b) I've pointed out to DH that it would not be in his best interest to have his two lazy sons working with him and making him look bad. 

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I'd venture to guess that the trades are now more technical than ever and require more brain power than the average community college/liberal arts graduate.   I'm guessing 1 and 3.  He's being fired or already has and the petsmart job will not only allow him his finery but also fund his budding rap career as the next Eminem (TM)

This sounds so much like the HousesHitter (YSS17.5), I don't know what!

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which is to save for butt implants?  That's only my step that does that?  

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what butt implants look like when you're 75 yrs old...?

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in 20 years what will that look like..and can you remove them and if you do....does your butt sag?

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I recently listened to a podcast where they spoke with one of the first woman ever to get breast implants. She is in her 70s or 80s, so has had them for decades. Apparently, the implants are still sitting in the same place on her chest and her breasts have sagged around them...I imagine butt implants would lead to the same "look". 

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LOL, I love the nickname, funny stuff!  I think it is hilarious when parents act so proud/impressed with mediocracy!  My DH has told me about a million freaking times that SD knows all the words to Rap God by Eminem and how impressed he is by that.  I guess he thinks I should be impressed also?!? I'm not.  He also thinks SD is an amazing singer and lets her know so she is always trying to oversing songs in the radio which is just highly annoying and while she isn't the worst she isn't going places with it.....

Oh and for my guess it is that he already got fired or knows he is about to get fired....