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NSMR sort of ..DS update and GWR update..

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Well I had a sit down with DS and DD regarding their living situation. Specifically, DS trying to hold over DD's head she got the bigger room (bigger is a strong word..we are talking maybe 10 feet.)

To recap:  DS was given the options of 

1. Shutting up and have a nice free place to live.

2. Move back to his Dad's.  (which already knew from DD that wasn't an option either...even the VI knows its time for DS to fly out of the nests)

3.  Move out on his own...get his own place and pay rent, etc.

Also, told DD she needs to start communicating better and being clear with what she means.  IE if she can't affort 240 dollars for food a month..then say just that and tell DS she can affort 100 dollars and how can they make a food list that would fit both their budgets.

I also told them anymore squabling that requires my intervention would result in their eviction. Momma was done playing.


DS chose option 1 and he and DD have been working on their budgets and cooking meal.  DD reports that there are no more snarky comments from DS and that he is getting with the program. 

DD on the other hand LOVE LOVES LOVES living on her own.  


GWR update...

GWR has quit his oil changing job...I suspect because its actually work.  Now he has started to work for a discount retailer and applied to drive for a meal delivery service....lets just call him a dasher now. 

CS enforcement has put an impound on half of Beaver's child support pending GWR turning 19.  Therefore, in a mere 19 days...Beaver will only get $500 a month versus $ we wait for that volcano to explode.


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Muahahhahaha I wish I had a crystal ball that could peer 20 days in the future. Get your popcorn ready

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they impound it and then old Beaver there has 14 days to dispute it.  So...yea she will and then we have to go forth with a whole new calculation. to court we will be going AGAIN.

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for GWR...but she will force the recalcuation of CS based on current incomes. light of that, we will file with the court for the review since DH gets an offset since he has SD more time and is the school placement parent.   In the end DH may not get as much of a decrease as he should....but we are prepared for that. 

Now we all know Beaver will milk this CS cow for as long as she can....but with SD we are down 36 more payments...and yes I'm counting..

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We moved SD to a decent place which we help subsidize.  She had been evicted from 2 different apartments and there was a long waiting list for government housing.  However, we require her to pay a certain amount monthly.  She's on disability so can't afford it all.  She pays about 1/3 of her monthly income plus gives me the monthly car insurance which is charged to my account.  So, in short, she gives me over 40% of her income.  I'm sure in her tiny mind, I'm a big meanie who is sucking her precious money away from her.  

When I started to get attitude and a remark a few months ago, I said, "You have a choice: me or a landlord". She said, "I'll take you".  End of discussion.

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Congratulations! Thankfully we didn't have to pay CS because we had custody of Spawn, but after Spawn graduated H.S. and moved out of our house permanently and in with her maternal grandmother Meth Mouth filed for CS. Since Spawn didn't turn 18 until the fall we had to pay one month of CS to that twunt!

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I still predict the food / grocery issue is going to rear its ugly head again, and so will the utilities since DD apparently has a Presidential Suite while DS is stuck in a broom closet.  I don't think the rodeo is over just yet.

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We are waiting for that CS countdown to begin. DH's ends when they graduate from high school, with SStween, that is 9.more.years. It can't come soon enough.