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UPDATE 4 - GWR, SD and B*r...what will B*r guess is NADA and do I tell DH

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DH heard from SD over the weekend. So far everything was ok there.  SD did tell DH that Beaver said the other boy, GWR's friend who I will call Eddie Haskel not allowed over to there house anymore, not even when SD is not there.

I looked at DH and asked..How long you think that will last.  Dh...about a month and then Beaver will relent since GWR will be unhappy and Beaver can't have that.  That and GWR will pull the...I'm suicidal unless I get what I want card.

Also, no mention of any punishment for GWR.....anyone shocked?  yea were weren't  either.

Funny part...DH went to Beaver's car on Friday afternoon to give her SD's adhd medicine.  Beaver wouldn't roll down the window to talk to DH...DH showed her the medicine bottle and she finally rolled the window down and took the medicine. DH turned and walked away from her car.  (DH refuses to send the medicine with SD since it's a controlled substance.  My mom is a retired pharmacist and told to never send a controlled substance with a child, only hand it directly to the parent.  In her words..there is a reason it's a CONTROLLED substance).  DH laughed when he got in the house...because apparently she just "ass"sumed that DH wanted to talk about GWR and the incident with SD.  DH has finally figured out..there is no talking about GWR and Beaver will do whatever she wants with him.  He is a person of non gratis to Beaver and GWR.



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What a disgusting woman.  I don't know what she looks like, but I have this picture in my head of a woman with  brown hair and a pointy nose that looks like she constantly smelled something horrible. *ROFL*.    It is sad that this woman would raise her son to act that way.  There is something truly wrong with a boy that would do that to his sister (even if he didn't like her very much).  Your DH is right to not even discuss it with her.  It would do no good.  She is going to do what she thinks is best anyway.

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Lol!! Maggot sports the double chins too. It's funny, because I always picture Beaver as a bottle blonde with an attitude that shouts "I think I'm way cuter than I actually am."

Very rarely do I ever meet a bottle blonde that doesn't bat her eyes and raise her voice an octave while face to face, while sneering and making ugly faces when she thinks no one is looking. It could be a sensitivity bias though. I wouldn't know because I am admittedly biased due to trauma.

Perhaps if we are traumatized by a certain "type," we become more sensitive to that type.

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Do you ever watch 90 Day Fiance? I imagine GWR and Beaver as Colt and his mom. This guy is 36 lives with his mom and likes to send dick picks all day long and sleep around like he's gods gift. The guy is a disgusting enmeshed mama's boy and his mama isn't any better. Nobody is good enough for her little baby boy who she still cooks for cleans up after and does his laundry.

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You are my kind of that show!