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GWR aka SS ...graduated on Saturday

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He really did graduate so we now have one more off our books.  3 kids down and 1 to go. 

SD did indeed NOT watch the graduation with us.  She had 0 interest in seeing her brother.  We did see the Beaver, Beaver Sr and Mr. Beaver SR on the video. All I can say...that woman must be drinking heavily because she looked like someones grandmother, not the 45 that that she is.  Whew..she has not aged well.

GWR looked ok...kind of cheesy but ok.

The only thing that bothered DH about GWR's graduation was his crack head brother sending him a messge.  CHB...told DH congrats on GWR graduating and to tell him they said congrats.  DH told CHB that GWR doesn't speak to him and CHB proceeded to tell DH that he needed to fix that. That DH needed to talk to GWR.  This coming from the guy that basically has been a crack head most of his kids lives.  His own kids, nephew 1 and 2, don't like him and nephew 1 will ask DH for advice etc not CHB.  DH really could have done with out CHB's comments.

SD is very OVER her brother and Beaver trashing DH. ..SD and the Beaver clan went to a baseball game last week and GWR brought his girlfriend.  While at the game GWR asked if SD had pictures of Dh's name.  SD mean DAD??  GWR said...ya you know Dh's name.  Girlfriend has never seen or met Dh's name.  SD told GWR...well that sucks she hasn't met DAD.  GWR continued to pester her for a picture of DH but SD ignored him. 

SD said.  "I wasn't about to show him a darn thing.  I don't want to hear him trash you or hear both him and mom trash you.  If he wants to show  his girlfriend you picture he can find one on his own. 


Later SD said..she was tired of hearing about how great GWR is and how well he did.  Beaver went so far as to try and tell SD that GWR had a better GPA than she did.  DH promptly pulled up the schools portal and showed SD that her GPA was significantly higher than GWR's and that Beaver must in a fantasy world.  SD was like I KNEW IT....I KNEW IT.  Mom just can't stand that GWR is a loser going no where.


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Congrats to being down to 1 on the books! That must feel amazing! 

And kudos to SD ! I like her moxie!!

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CHB...told DH congrats on GWR graduating and to tell him they said congrats.

CHB, GWR is an adult now. Your relationship with him is between the two of you. You need to tell him this yourself. 

CHB is perfectly capable of sending a card or calling himself. No need for DH to pass information between adults. 

Good for SD for seeing through the BS and acting accordingly.

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about Beaver's personality disorder and that's why she has a golden child and a scapegoat child to mitigate some of the damage that she is doing to SD by poo poo'ing her accomplishments to make GWR shine.

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But also make her understand that Beaver can't be fixed. A result of her disorder is that she is incapable of accepting blame and therefore impossible to change. The information is only so SD understands how Beaver's mind works so that she can manage her relationship and own self worth.