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GWR (the Great White Rapper) aka SS - The Final Countdown.

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Minor Victory this week...we received notice from the CS office that DH's arrears have officially ended.  Woohooo....its only 100 bucks a month but better in our pockets than in Beavers.  (DH had about a year in arrears because Beaver REFUSED to agree to DH's generous offer when GWR noped out of here and she stalled for year.  Beaver thought she would get to double her child support.  In the end she got less than DH offered her and DH said he would pay the arrears 100 per month till paid.  Took a year for that to happen....WORTH IT.)

We are now in the Final Countdown for GWR...we have 8 weeks until he is officially off the books as he will turn 19.  **ITS...THE FINAL COUNTDOWN......FINAL COUNTDOWN****

GWR has failed english yet again and DH now gets messages from the school that GWR needs a tutor to complete English and graduate (DH is still the parent on record so that GWR could continue to attend school in our district).  DH promptly puts that in the trash bin as GWR also receives these messages.  DH at this point figures GWR is a big boy who made his decisions and he will have to live with them.  GWR also have failed an art class and is pulling a low D in his math class.  Magic 8 balls says outlook not so good for GWR graduation high school.  However, we do believe that the school will somehow figure out how to push him through.  

GWR is also now getting a CAT at Beavers.  Oh lord....another pet that will be neglected and given away at Beavers.  I feel for the poor kitty...but there is little that I can do with this.

GWR and/or Beaver must have gotten stimulus money as the purchases have been racking up. Stuff for cat, a new TV, a dash cam recorder, etc.  Classic example of not using stimulus money for what it is know food, clothing and housing. But hey..I guess he/she is helping out the economy.  SMH...

DH while still sadden by the fact he lost his happy that the indentured servitude for GWR will be ending here shortly.  Should GWR come around at some point to seek a relationship with DH, I do not know that DH would entertain having one. DH has mourned and moved on.   Now we only have three years left for SD.


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SS. Is lost face that fact.  What he does or not do in school not your problem.  If he lives with beaver the better part of his life. Not your problem.  
Just Make Sure that Beaver does not try to get you to take SS once the money runs out. LikebO can't handle him? 

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when GWR is off the books.  

Beaver can try all she wants to dump GWR here...that answer will be a resounding no.  GWR burned whatever splinter of bridge he had here when he decided to insult DH and more importantly me..  DH could and would probably deal with GWR insulting him...going after me was a definately miscalcuation on the part GWR.  GWR thought that would "make" DH engage with did/does not. DH immediately went to GTF out of my life mode and blocked him at every turn. No one insults me to DH, not my family (he took on my Dad on the front), not his family (he took his mother to task for trying that ) and definately not his kids.  

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This is the first month that BM won't be getting any child support for Failure to Launch SS21.  It's wonderful, we are still celebrating the end of having to fund her and SS. 


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4 years if SD pulls the failing high school like GWR (magic 8 ball says...Signs point to yes).   gotta love CS..

We are waiting patiently....or maybe not so impatiently.



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Well done halo and tog for surviving.

Enjoy the extra funds.

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Eight weeks to freeeeeeedom!!!  I'm sure GWR will be pity passed, that's what they did with Spawn they just passed her on to the real world. 

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Woo hoo!  Do you have to do anything for the CS to be reduced, or will it happen automatically?

What do you think Beaver will do once the CS gravy train for GWR ends?  Will she try to get SD full time to increase her paycheck?

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Our BM hadn't realised and the howls of anguish were heard across the land when MSS finally graduated from University and CS came to an end.  

She acted the same way when it was reduced by YSS came to live with us.  

Level of stupidity is astounding.

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but in 3 short years....our time with Beaver will be DONE.  You will not be able to wipe the smile from my face...I'm a sure however she will howl how "unfair it is she has to support them by herself"....

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the last feral (HousesHitter SS18)  will come off CS as well.  He'll be 21 then.   He is supposed to graduate this year.  They'll just go ahead and pass him whether or not Covid is a factor at that time.  He has zero life skills and also is a budding white rappers as well.  He has the pot smoking down to a  fine art.

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Congratulations you should buy something nice for yourselves with the extra money!!

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Congrats! We have 40 months left. Now that BM is likely to experience financial set backs due to her current divorce I'm sure she will try to get more money...too bad DH is already paying more than he's supposed to...