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UPDATE- SD returns from the B*ver damn

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And....for the most part it wasn't too bad.  

Beaver was in permanent bad mood....and was pretty much yelling at anything that moved.  SD think when she goes back most of her stuff will be thrown out since she didn't clean her room to her mother's specifications.  That and Beaver refused to let her bring the ipad changer that Beaver paid for. But ok..whatevs...  That and Beaver want's to ban SD's ipad from coming to her house.  SD spends too much time on it..

Beaver as expected did nothing to GWR...other than yell at him because he isn't doing any school work.  Wait for my shocked face.  GWR still has his phone, car, imac, etc. Other than Eddie Haskel aka the other kid invovled with Prankgate wasn't able to come over.  Such a hard stand Beaver took..


In other new..Beaver is unhappy at her job again.  They are all mean to her. (What they expect you to do your job..ya don't say)   SD says looks like mom is going to quit this job too.

all in all it wasn't too bad for SD...they made chicken chili but according to was pretty tasteless.  LOL Beaver still can't cook.


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As an aside: I'd never heard any grown adult whine that people were "mean" to them, like a spoiled toddler would say... until BM. And apparently many other BMs on here, including Beaver.

Guess it's part and parcel of the high-conflict personality disordered playbook.

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OMG..yes...."DHHHHHH...your MEEEAAAN in your emaiiilllllssss"

Still drives me nuts.......

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A NEW boytoy ,   She just have go outside to that line of boytoys and pick one,  One with a lot of $$$

To keep GWR in the life stile he used too. 

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Beaver is as wide as she is tall....and has the personality of a wet mop.  She has had one...exactly one....boyfriend in 13 years and even left her crazy @ss.

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These HCBMs need to find happiness instead of trying to drag everyone - even their own kids - down into their self-created pit of misery.

Beaver and Maggot should hang out. Maggot is wider than she is tall, so this would make Beaver feel happier about her own girth.

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then Beaver will be right there.  Beaver is a two bottle a night wine drinker.....and that is just for herself.

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What you are telling us is that her new boy toy will most likely have batteries.