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Dreading the every other weekend still

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Hi its been 1.5 years and i still freaking hate , dispise , hate did i say hate lol every other weekend. I feel like im putting my life on hold for 2 kids that i really really dont like, I know its just everyother weekend but to me that alot. Thats 2 weekends of my life gone a month. Im 45 and was ready to relex and do things i want when i want as my son is 24 and i have done all of this before. Im tired, Im very close to calling it quits it just sucks as i do truly love him.  I talk to people and they say .. hold on there they will get older ( there 7 and 14 boys )  hold on for how long 10 years ? i will be 55 then... i really didnt want kids in my life and im getting very depressed at this point. 

I know you guys dont know me or us.. we really do have the perfect thing going , other then these 2 kids. I start stressing out a week before they come and the day i know there coming i actully cry on my way home . I am just preety misriable at this point of my life. 

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I can relate. Although I have my own 3 teens and and we have a 2 year old (I'm 40), I still dread the step kids coming. 

it's been 4 years and the dread has gotten worse over time.

I am terrified that I'm going to wake up at 50 and realize I've wasted 10 good years of my life like this. 


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Still go about life like you normally would if SKs are there or not! Go out shopping, hang out with friends, take some time for self-care etc. 

What does your SO say? Does he make his life revolve around them when it's "his" weekend? If so, I think that would be a good place to start. Just because the SKs come over, doesn't mean you lose your SO for two weekends a month. He needs to find a balance. 

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Only you know when you've reached your limit and the cost of EOW is not balanced out by what you get out of the relationship with your DH.   I used to feel the same way you do - when I met DH the SDs were 5 and 7, and they came EOW for about 11 or so years.  But it's just us now - DH still sees them but they rarely come to our house.  But I remember how stressed out I used to get - how badly they behaved and how DH did not have my back.  The memories are still painful. 

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You made it through and now its just you too ? so it was worth it for you .... thats what i want. I wish i could flash foward 10 years Smile

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Things could be way worse. I would be delighted if our schedule was like that but it's not. I am 48, my girls are 27 and 24- long since moved out. His are 17 and 14. With Covid they have been here non stop, I work at home, go to take a break, there they are. School year will most likely be the same. At 48 I should be doing what I want when I want but I love this man so this sucks. I've essentially been raising kids almost 30 f*ing years. I'm tired. DH doesn't sympathize either, bc he feels cheated out of not having skids FT. Not my fault! I wasn't the obese whore you chose to spawn with and allow to steal your house 

I digress. If you want out, get out. If I had another 10 years to go I'd run into the street when a bus was coming.

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IMO, the stress just isn't worth it.  I tried and tried.....but lost hair and was put on depression meds in the process.  The things we're willing to put ourselves through for love. 

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At the "end" of visitation (does step hell ever really end?), do you think you will be resentful? Will it affect the love you have?