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Why cant these people stick to a schedule???

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ok.. so my skids have been with their grandparents (dh's parents) for a little over 2 weeks now. Their bm drove them a couple of states away for a summer vaca with them. My inlaws are driving the skids back. Here is where my frustration is lying THIS week.

FIL calls up dh and says... want me to bring the skids there when we get back, and then we can return them the FOLLOWING day to their bm? (mind you.. skids live in a different state) Dh asks me.. I say, no.. 2 reasons.. 1) you wont really be spending time w/them, as you have to work.. and that isnt fair to the skids 2) that was not in the schedule. Dh says how he would like to see his kids.. I say.. that is great, but it should be QUALITY of time not QUANTITY of time. They wont be able to stay the weekend, and your working, so how is this good? Your son will be upset that he cant stay. Not fair to the skids, and if you are working the whole time, its just a big waste of time and money on gas.

WELL.. We have had these plans w/just his parents for MONTHS.. literally MONTHS. The four of us are going away for this weekend, which is why we cant have the skids, and now my dh is LYING to the ex. Not that I think any of this is her business. He told his mom to NOT mention to the ex that the four of us are going for an over night to a different state. (Like he is NOT entitled to spend 1 on 1 time w/his parents?!?!!?) I asked him why?.. get this:

Turns out she called him on Sunday.. that is right.. I said Sunday.. a Sunday when she doesnt have the skids, and we didnt have the skids, to see what HIS plans were for this coming weekend.. UMMMMMMM.. none of your freakin business. And WHY should she be calling him when she KNOWS he is w/me, and its a weekend??? Its a control thing. she still wants to control him like a puppet.. which is sad and pathetic. If she only knew what he REALLY thinks of her.

ANYWAY!!! she was suggesting that we take the skids this weekend, despite the fact that we have plans w/them the weekend following.. when we have stuff planned for THEM. I just want to scream.

WHY WHY WHY cant these people stick to a schedule??? Why do I always have to be the heavy because I insist we follow the schedule. I like to make plans.. for when we dont have the skids and when we DO have the skids.

OH.. and we are going away the day after xmas on a cruise. Just the two of us.. DH says, I am going to tell her that I am going away for work. I said NO.. dont lie to her (I HATE LYING).. I said just tell her we cant take them during that period because we will be away. You dont need to tell her where or what we are doing. We ARE entitled to SOME privacy. I asked him if he was going to tell his parents. He said NO. They will just blab it to the skids and ex. I said, well.. they might be upset when they cant get a hold of you for A WEEK!!! hello!!!!

Anyway. I am just pissed. Pissed off.. for sure. I am also TIRED of hiding our plans. Why should we have to HIDE from his family and extended family what our plans are. My family and friends know.