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Dr. Phil.. right now!!!

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Their is a couple fighting over the kids, and they just mentioned PAS.. the guy did..


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the PAS part, that is something you'll hear a lot about here. Parental Alienation Syndrome or something like that. You can google it. It has to do with bio-kids being turned against their mother or father by the opposite ex-spouse.

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Oh I see, you are wanting to learn more about it. I know exactly what PAS is. I have a psych degree and have studied a lot about human behavior and child psychology. Dr. Phil is a good source for a lot of that stuff, but you have to watch out when it comes to step parent situations - he tends to be heavily child-centered and not so realistic from the adult point of view.

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luckily I don't have to deal with that (PAS) in my situation, but have read some terrible stories about it here. I was letting you know why there was a "Dr. Phil now" post Smile

Dr. Phil...well, he's I don't watch him too often!

**and with your background you may be a great resource for some of us! **

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The show was aired in February and according to the comments that followed it was in typical Dr. Phil fashion. Blame the father and praise the mother.

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I don;t like Dr. Phil I think he is unrealistic when it comes to a lot of things and yes he is very much on the mothers side.

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He always seems to side with the mom on this type of stuff. He usually admonishes them, but doesn't really make much headway with the BM. I can't stand him anymore. I used to like watching him until I moved into this mess. Now I see him exploiting these type of families and not really solving their problems.

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Actually he blamed both mother and father.. and he did manage to call her out on something she did, which was tell the son that their dad slept w/other women, which she was the one that cheated, and dr phil said there was no way this kid got that on his own. The kid had written a letter to the father saying why are you sleeping w/other women.

I dont think he is the end all be all, but I do think its great that he acknowledged on national tv that there is such a syndrome, and that she was doing it to some extent..

I just think that there are people out there that do not get that or believe it happens.. and he does have a following.

He also had on the week before, but for got to post, a mom and stepmom.. and well.. the mom and dad came out looking horrible (esp the bio mom) and the SM was basically told that she was put in that position by both, and that she didnt deserve it. And he kept asking the biomom what role she played in the past 8 yrs of the bad relationship, she kept denying any portion til closer to the end.. when he would question her after each thing he heard..

Just posted this as I thought some might be interested.