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The BM is about to get a talking to!!!

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Ok.. so my inlaws graciously take the skids for a couple of weeks each summer. This summer is no different, except, we no longer live near the skids. dh's job moved us 1700 miles away from them and my family.

The inlaws set up their visitation w/the ex like they have the past several summers. This summer, she has repeatedly changed the visitation time frame.. The problem?? Inlaws have arranged for their cousin they never get to see, to be there at the same time. Nice visit for all the kids.

BM has no one to control on a weekly basis anymore (well.. except her current Dh and kids) so I guess she is taking out her control freakness on my inlaws. She called this am, told them she was picking the skids up tomorrow (mind you, they are supposed to have them through Tues.. and prior to that, it was through Thurs).. FIL negotiated to Monday am.. and now BIL is livid for his child, that flew down to spend time w/them, that they are now leaving. (she was really looking forward to this)..

So, FIL has told me tonight on the phone, that they have had it w/her, and the gloves are COMING OFF!! said there is going to be a show down at their place Monday am. That he is letting her know that he doesnt appreciate this game, and that he is done being used. That if she wants the kids to have a relationship w/their grandparents, then she needs to stop screwing w/them. That they will no longer be playing her games!!

Good luck FIL!!! He does know and expects a reprecution of possibly never seeing his grandkids again, but said its a risk he is willing to take, as he is sick of her BS!!

Wish I could make the 12 hr drive to their home to watch this. Lord knows I am tempted, but will have to sit this one out!!

Again, I wish good luck to my inlaws, and if everyone could keep them in your thoughts this monday am.. I would greatly appreciate it. He needs all the help in the world on his side w/this crazy b*tch!!


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He would be the FIRST (other than me.. lol.. but I have been told I dont count) to say something to this psycho lady. He has had it.. ironically.. he hasnt put up w/her very much at all. I told him, this is what your son has been dealing with for 10 years... on a constant basis, his visitation got changed or amended or somehow ruined by her crazy control freakness!!!

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Tell your FIL to do some research on grandparent visitation. Grandparents have taken parents to court for withholding the grandkids and won. Good luck to your in-laws!

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I would think that because a precedent is set with the regular summer visitations that it would make for a great case of grandparent visitation and that they would have a decent chance of success if they were to pursue that route!