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Hidden Income...

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BM's friend that feeds us info just messaged me. She let me know that BM's employer is now writing her paychecks to BM's boyfriend. 

I would venture to guess this happened after we surprised her in court last time calling her out and showing her Facebook pictures of her working for the weed dispensary. She claimed in court that she was just a volunteer there- if you didn't remember. 

BM filed for contempt against DH for alimony (we have overpaid by 5K) since we had it stopped. BM has been ordered to turn over financials like 6 times and her lawyer keeps saying it isn't necessary since she gets disability she just gets factored at minimum wage. We know that she does get disability but also works full time selling weed at the dispensary. She also got a disability settlement that was never factored in. Our lawyer isn't worried about any of that since we have proof of overpayment anyway, but I just want her to be fully caught in court for all of her lies.

We are subpoenaing for her taxes since 2015, and bank statements for the month prior to her starting work and then 9 months after (right before she was busted in court) to show a proof of regular deposits. 

I would THINK the judge would see through this since BM's boyfriend is city worker for their little town. He is like the maintenance man for the town. However, I don't even know anymore. I am so frustrated by all of this right now!! 

OH and BM and her BF are apparently getting married "very soon" since it will look better in court. I can't eyeroll enough at that BS. SS used to tell us that if BM and her BF ever got married he would run away. So that is interesting... I wonder if he still feels that way. 


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Great progress on you and your DH's part:) good to have the alimony ended, proof of overpayment and a plan to prove hidden income with the bank deposits.  

but how come the SS administration is ok with her "volunteering" while collecting disability?  They allow people who are well enough to colunteer to be on disablilty? I thought it was a very intense screening process to make sure that whatever works on your body, that is what you use to make your income. and when nothing on your body is capable to make income, then you go on disability. ???

and my only way to make reason or sense of this is she did not provide her volunteering hours to Social security, in which they would cancel her disablily payments and so someone needs to call Social security to report the SSDI fraud of "volunteering" while collecting SSDI.  you would need proof, like photos of her behing the counter or working or record of how  many times a week the car is parked at the weed dispensarary.

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I reported her for fraud about 8-9 months ago. I don't know what happened but I sent in pictures of her working that were on her company's website and time stamped. I also sent in screenshots of her facebook posts stating that she was working. I don't know what to do beyond that....

We live 1300 miles away or trust me I would have become a stalker proving this crap. I am so freaking fed up with the welfare system.

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Once we find out for sure what is going on, I will make that call as well!

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to subpoena her credit records and recent credit applicatons; what she wrote down as source of income and how much; what her credit limits are and what they are based on. 



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Ohhhh.... her credit report would show ALL bank accounts, right? Not just the one we know about.

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I think it's been said before but you are very unlikely to ever get a "gotcha" from your judge.  Your lawyer should be able to tell you what is and what is not relevant and helpful in your court case.  I know you have spent a lot of effort to find things.. and It appears the lawyer doesn't feel that the great majority of it is worth a lot.

Just putting deposits in?  could be from and for a lot of things.. if her employer has been willing to help her via a check work around with her BF.. you are unlikely to really get any proof of anything really.